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Materials for the 2015 BITSS Annual Meeting Dec 10-11, 2015, held in Berkeley, CA.

Welcome! This repository contains the materials for the optional hands-on training Thursday morning before the main conference. We we will be focusing on software tools for a reproducible workflow, specifically dynamic documents in both R and Stata. (Dynamic documents are ones that contain code, analysis, and output all in one place, for better organization and reproducibility.)

There are three important folders:

  1. slides--contains a set of intro slides written in beamer (LaTeX).
  2. Rmarkdown-Stata--contains files for writing a simple dynamic document using R Markdown in R Studio with knitr. Also contains files to run a two-step somewhat-dynamic document version of things using Stata and LaTeX separately. (This folder has its own Readme.)
  3. haghish--contains files from Haghish with a demo of a native-Stata dynamic document (Ketchup)

In order to work with these files, you're going to need to have several software programs installed. We will be running a demo of them, but it will likely be a lot more useful if you try and follow along on your own.

  1. LaTeX (install--this is a pretty big download. Please don't leave this until the day of.)
  2. OSF (no install, just make an account)
  3. (make an account)
  4. Git (install--this actually links to GitHub Desktop, which includes Git)
  5. R (install)
  6. R Studio (install)
  7. Pandoc (install)
  8. Stata (sorry, we can't help you get a copy of this.)

Slides from all other presenters (Leamer-Rosenthal, SSMART, research papers, etc.) can be found on the linked OSF project page.


Materials for the 2015 BITSS Annual Meeting Dec 10-11, 2015, held in Berkeley, CA.



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