Source code for Sanicball, an extraordinarily fast racing game.
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Now on GitHub! Feel free to post an issue if you have bugs or feature requests or whatever.

The master branch contains the latest released version of the game. Check the other branches for more recent changes.


You can contribute by forking the project and submitting a merge request once your changes are done.

Sanicball has so far been an one man project and it can get pretty exhausting. Therefore any help with development would be very much appreciated.

The Issues page contains most of the project's important short term goals. You are free to follow any of these goals, or do your own thing if you want to.

Small changes can be committed directly to the dev branch - but if working on something bigger, please start a new branch, and merge into dev once it's stable enough. The master branch is reserved for releases. (I don't mind if you don't follow this, it's just my convention)

If you have trouble understanding parts the project structure or code just message me directly (