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Kitchen Mania

Kitchen Mania uses screen-based game control as a starting point for understanding and exploring new methods of interacting with physical computer interfaces. It uses familiar household appliances and tools to produce novel forms of human-computer interaction that are intuitive and accessible.

One the primary goals of Kitchen Mania is to achieve functional human interface devices that simultaneously perform real physical tasks. While playful, we believe these controllers show the viability of highly accurate / low latency passive sensing of existing electronic appliances. This work has applications in a range of smart home and IoT use cases.


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The PulpPad is a controller comprised of four electric juicers with interchangeable button mapping. For this demo, we have setup two PulpPads mapped in a D-pad configuration to StepMania, a Dance Dance Revolution simulator. Hand-dance battle your friends and drink some freshly squeezed juice after you play!


The conROLLER is a rolling pin controller designed to work with single-axis games. Roll the pin to move your player on screen // use the thumb button to fire and activate the two attached relays. Fire up your pizza oven and make some own pizza after destroying enemy ships!

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Copyright 2018 Brooklyn Research and contributors. Licensed under MIT, Version 2.0. See the file LICENSE for the full license text.


New Forms of Interaction - Summer 2018




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