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@weotch weotch released this Mar 12, 2018

Export CSVS

The records of a given controller can be exported as a CSV. In addition, any active search query applied to a controller will affect this CSV, limiting the result set. You can control how a model is exported to CSV by defining a forExport method on your model.

Preview a previous version of a model

From the Changes view, you can click the bookmark icon to open a new window, showing the public view of that model (using it's getUriAttribute() value) at that place in time.


  • Changes don't require an authed user to log. So, for instance, if changes are made by a Laravel Command, rows will be written to the changes table.
  • Added support for MS SQL Server
  • Various bug fixes
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@weotch weotch released this Oct 17, 2017

  • Updates example app to L5.5
  • Adds L5.5 package auto-discovery fields to JSON
  • Uses newer, L5.5-friendly version of Upchuck
  • Uses L5.4 console command syntax


  • Explicitly set the public value to 1 or 0 via JS.
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@weotch weotch released this Oct 17, 2017


  • Adds admin_mutators property to models to allow their mutators and acccessors to be used within Decoy, #79
  • Adds Decoy::hasEl() method to check whether an Element key is defined, #64
  • Adds Decoy::els() method to retrieve multiple Elements at a time.
  • Adding another default image size: icon
  • Adds helper getSitemapUrlAttribute and scopeForSitemap methods for use with


  • Date localization fix: #71
  • Image field localization fixes: #79
  • L5.4 pviot sorting fix: #74
  • Commands title fix: #78
  • Updating to latest minor versio of Redactor 1.x and fixing bold and italic buttons
  • Fix image-type Elements not working when using the expanded Element syntax (like where there is a sections key
  • Fix visibility tooltip value when a listing loads and a model isn't currently public
  • Move the overflow hidden on the sidebar listings so it doesn't affect the autocomplete menu of many to many relationships.
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  • Added Former::boolean() custom field
  • Added support for soft deleted models in the controller listing
  • Betters support for postgres (@noxify, #48)
  • Minor increase in test coverage
  • Exposing the jQuery, Lodash, and Backbone used by Decoy on it's JS package for use when adding custom JS to a project
  • Dates routed through localization (@SomosAMambo, #69)
  • Deprecating using Former::image() with no arguments
  • Bux fixes (such as #68)
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