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writersexchanger is an R package that helps the coordination of volunteers and analysis of volunteer information for Writers' Exchange. The Writers' Exchange is a non-profit organization that gets kids in inner-city Vancouver, Canada excited about reading and writing . Their vision is that, in the not-too-distant future, ALL kids will know they're awesome and can achieve anything!


  1. Download R from The R Project for Statistical Computing, or using the method of your choice.
  2. Open a Terminal and start R by typing r at the command prompt.
  3. A the R command prompt, enter the following commands:
  1. Now install the writersexchanger package by typing the following at the R command prompt.
  1. Create a new directory to store the writersexchange files. We will call this your WritersExchange directory. You will need to know the path to this directory for the next step.
  2. Download the file wePath.R from GitHub BKoblinger/writersexchanger into your WritersExchange directory. Open this file and change the second line to the path to your WritersExchange directory.
  3. Download the file signupLogin.R from GitHub BKoblinger/writersexchanger into your WritersExchange directory. Open this file and update the information as appropriate.

Updating the writersexchanger package

To update to the latest version of writersexchanger, open R, then type:


Getting a list of volunteers who have signed up on SignUp.com for a program who have never been to that program.

Start R. Then at the R prompt type: