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The BLAKE3 paper: specifications, analysis, and design rationale
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oconnor663 make benchmarks use the published version of the blake3 crate
Previously you needed to check out BLAKE3 and BLAKE3-specs side by side.
Now BLAKE3-specs pulls the `blake3` crate from, so the two
repos are independent. Note that Cargo.lock files are checked in,
pinning the benchmarks to blake3 0.1.0 by default.
Latest commit 261618a Jan 13, 2020

BLAKE3 specifications

This repository contains the specification document of the hash function BLAKE3.

You can directly get the latest version as a PDF, or build it yourself from the LaTeX source by running make, which will generate the PDF at ./build/blake3.pdf.

If you notice typos or errors, please file a GitHub Issue.

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