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Borderlands 3 Modding Info

CJ Kucera edited this page Jan 26, 2023 · 7 revisions

This page serves as a home for the Borderlands 3 related modding documentation that we've accumulated so far. As with the main BL2/TPS documentation here, this is mostly geared towards people writing BL3 mods, though it may acquire more end-user-oriented documentation over time.

For Users

At the moment, the central source for user documentation on running BL3 mods can be found on

For Modders

Modding-Adjacent Docs

Docs which aren't specifically for modding, but may be of interest anyway.

Useful BL2/TPS Docs

There's some documentation on the wiki here which is specifically geared towards BL2/TPS, but nevertheless remains at least somewhat useful for folks doing BL3 modding, since the concepts remain the same, even if the specifics might be different. So, take these pages with a grain of salt -- everything you read in them might not be the case for BL3, but they may be worth a readthrough anyway:

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