Borderlands Community Mod Manager

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Borderlands Community Mod Manager (BLCMM) is a mod management and authoring tool for Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel. It replaces UCP Filter Tool, and for the most part it should feel very familiar to anyone who's already used FilterTool.

BLCMM can be used to:

  • Hex-edit your executable and set up a hotkey for console access, to enable mod support
  • Enable various performance-optimizing tweaks to your INI files.
  • Import mods and keep them organized in a nice tree
  • Customize features of UCP and other mods by allowing categories to be enabled or disabled easily.
  • Set up "profiles" to have different sets of mod configuration available via a simple dropdown.
  • Edit and create mods directly
  • Browse Borderlands 2 / TPS object data, via the "Object Explorer"
  • Will make your coffee for you in the morning*

Where to get BLCMM / Installation

BLCMM is distributed via dropbox:

Windows users should download the EXE found in the Windows folder. Linux and Mac users should download the Jar file found in the Mac/Linux folder. Store the file anywhere you like (it does not have to be in a Borderlands binaries directory like FilterTool required) and double-click to launch the launcher. The launcher will retreive the latest version of BLCMM and auto-update when launched, if needed.

For Mac/Linux users, if double-clicking on the Jar file doesn't work, try running java -jar BLCMM_Launcher.jar from the commandline/terminal.


A changelog can be found in the Help menu inside BLCMM itself, but a mirror is also kept at the BLCMM Changelog page.


BLCMM requires the latest verison of Java 8, available at

Intro Video

LightChaosman's Intro Video

Other Documentation

More official documentation is forthcoming. For now, if you're familiar with FilterTool already, you may want to look at the page about Functional Changes from FilterTool to BLCMM, which talks about some of the changes which might not be immediately apparent.

* Will not actually make coffee for you

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