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Mod Categories

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Valid Mod Categories

If you're looking for general information about how to get your mods listed in the ModCabinet, see the Contributing to ModCabinet page.

The current list of valid categories you can put into your files follows:

Category Name Description
major-pack Major Overhauls and Mod Packs
mode-balance General Gameplay and Balance: Game Mode Balance
scaling General Gameplay and Balance: Scaling Changes
element General Gameplay and Balance: Elements and Damage Types
quest-changes General Gameplay and Balance: Quest Changes
currency General Gameplay and Balance: Currencies
gameplay General Gameplay and Balance: Other Gameplay Changes
char-overhaul Characters and Skills: Full Character Overhauls
skill-system Characters and Skills: Skill System Changes
char-axton Characters and Skills: Axton Changes
char-gaige Characters and Skills: Gaige Changes
char-krieg Characters and Skills: Krieg Changes
char-maya Characters and Skills: Maya Changes
char-sal Characters and Skills: Salvador Changes
char-zero Characters and Skills: Zer0 Changes
char-athena Characters and Skills: Athena Changes
char-aurelia Characters and Skills: Aurelia Changes
char-claptrap Characters and Skills: Claptrap Changes
char-jack Characters and Skills: Jack Changes
char-nisha Characters and Skills: Nisha Changes
char-wilhelm Characters and Skills: Wilhelm Changes
char-other Characters and Skills: Other Character Changes
gear-general Weapons/Gear: General
gear-brand Weapons/Gear: Brand Overhauls
gear-pack Weapons/Gear: Packs
gear-ar Weapons/Gear: Assault Rifles
gear-laser Weapons/Gear: Lasers
gear-pistol Weapons/Gear: Pistols
gear-launcher Weapons/Gear: Rocket Launchers
gear-shotgun Weapons/Gear: Shotguns
gear-smg Weapons/Gear: SMGs
gear-sniper Weapons/Gear: Sniper Rifles
gear-grenade Weapons/Gear: Grenade Mods
gear-com Weapons/Gear: COMs
gear-shield Weapons/Gear: Shields
gear-relic Weapons/Gear: Relics
gear-ozkit Weapons/Gear: Oz Kits
loot-system Farming and Looting: Loot System Overhauls
enemy-drops Farming and Looting: Enemy Drop Changes
chests Farming and Looting: Chest and Container Changes
vendor Farming and Looting: Vending Machines
slots Farming and Looting: Slot Machines
quest-rewards Farming and Looting: Quest Rewards
loot-sources Farming and Looting: Other Loot Sources
spawns Enemies: Enemy Spawns
enemy Enemies: Enemy Changes
vehicle Maps and Public Transport: Vehicles
fast-travel Maps and Public Transport: Fast Travel
maps Maps and Public Transport: Map Alterations
av Audio and Visual: General A/V Settings
ui Audio and Visual: UI Changes
av-gear Audio and Visual: Weapon and Gear Visuals
av-char Audio and Visual: Character Visuals
av-enemy Audio and Visual: Enemy Visuals
audio Audio and Visual: Audio Changes
text Audio and Visual: Text Changes
qol Quality of Life: General QoL
qol-ui Quality of Life: UI QoL Changes
inventory Quality of Life: Inventory/Bank Changes
bugfix Other: Bugfixes
cheat Other: Cheat Mods
modpack Other: Mod Packs
translation Other: Translations
joke Other: Joke Mods
resource Other: Resource Mods

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