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" ===================================
" .vimrc config
" contact: py.stephane1(at)
" ===================================
syntax on " syntax highlighing
filetype on " try to detect filetypes
filetype plugin on " enable loading indent file for filetype
filetype indent on " enable loading indent file for filetype
set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle
call vundle#rc()
Bundle 'MarcWeber/vim-addon-mw-utils'
Bundle 'beyondwords/vim-twig'
Bundle 'corntrace/bufexplorer'
Bundle 'ervandew/supertab'
Bundle 'garbas/vim-snipmate'
Bundle 'gmarik/vundle'
Bundle 'hallison/vim-markdown'
if has('ruby')
Bundle 'wincent/Command-T'
Bundle 'kien/ctrlp.vim'
if executable('ack') || executable('ack-grep')
Bundle 'mileszs/ack.vim'
Bundle 'scrooloose/nerdtree'
Bundle 'stephpy/vim-powerline'
Bundle 'stephpy/vim-phpdoc'
Bundle 'stephpy/vim-php-cs-fixer'
Bundle 'stephpy/vim-symfony'
Bundle 'stephpy/snipmate-snippets'
Bundle 'tpope/vim-abolish'
Bundle 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
Bundle 'tpope/vim-surround'
Bundle 'tsaleh/vim-align'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/Auto-Pairs'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/comments.vim'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/sessionman.vim'
if executable('ctags')
Bundle 'vim-scripts/taglist.vim'
Bundle 'vim-scripts/tlib'
" ===================================
" Configuration
" ===================================
set cursorline
set encoding=utf-8
set nocompatible
set laststatus=2 " Always show the statusline
set nobackup " delete backup
set noswapfile
set backspace=indent,eol,start " allow backspacing over everything in insert mode
set autoindent " always set autoindenting on
set history=50 " keep 50 lines of command line history
set ruler " show the cursor position all the time
set showcmd " display incomplete commands
set incsearch " do incremental searching
set novisualbell " turn off visual bell
set vb t_vb=".
set title " show title in console title bar
set ttyfast " smoother changes
set expandtab
set shiftwidth=4 " nombre d'espace apres un '>>'
set tabstop=4 " nombre de place que prend une tabulation
set hlsearch
set ignorecase " ignore case when searching
set smarttab
set hidden
colorscheme vividchalk
" In many terminal emulators the mouse works just fine, thus enable it.
if has('mouse')
set mouse=a
" ===================================
" Autocommands
" ===================================
"delete spaces at end of line
autocmd BufWritePre * :%s/\s\+$//e
autocmd BufRead * silent! %s/[\r \t]\+$//
autocmd BufEnter *.php :%s/[ \t\r]\+$//e
autocmd BufEnter *.php :retab
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.twig set filetype=twig
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.html.twig set filetype=html.twig
" Run php code sniffer and php mess detector
autocmd FileType php map <C-K> :call phpqa#PhpQaTools(1,1)<CR>
" ===================================
" Bundles configuration
" ===================================
let g:pdv_cfg_php4always=0 "using php5 doc tags
if has('ruby')
nnoremap <silent> <C-P> :CommandT<CR>
let g:CommandTMaxFiles=20000
let g:CommandTAlwaysShowDotFiles=1
let g:ctrlp_match_window_reversed=0
let g:ctrlp_working_path_mode = 0
let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = {
\ 'dir': '\.git$\|\.hg$\|\.svn$\|cache$\|log$',
\ 'file': '\.exe$\|\.so$\|\.dll$\|\.jpg$\|\.gif$\|\.png$',
\ }
let g:symfony_enable_shell_mapping = 1
set sessionoptions=blank,buffers,curdir,folds,tabpages,winsize
" phpqa
let g:phpqa_codesniffer_args = "--standard=Symfony2"
" Don't run messdetector on save (default = 1)
let g:phpqa_messdetector_autorun = 0
" Don't run codesniffer on save (default = 1)
let g:phpqa_codesniffer_autorun = 0
" Define by default all rulesets (given in vim-config)
let g:phpqa_messdetector_ruleset = "~/.vim/vendor/phpmd_rulesets.xml"
" you can override it if you want a fileexplorer
" by default when opening vim on dir
if !exists("g:file_exporer_at_startup")
let g:NERDTreeHijackNetrw=0
" use 'vim' in your directory and it'll open a nerdtree automatically
autocmd vimenter * if !argc() || argv() == ['.'] | NERDTree | endif
" Disable netrw's autocmd, since we're ALWAYS using NERDTree
runtime plugin/netRwPlugin.vim
augroup FileExplorer
augroup END
" ===================================
" Mapping
" ===================================
nmap <leader>sl :SessionList<CR>
nmap <leader>ss :SessionSave<CR>
map <C-y> :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
map <C-i> :TlistToggle<CR>
map <C-f> :Ack
" Insert current namespace and opens php and create empty class, based on the file name
nmap <C-h> ggO<?php<CR><CR><ESC>"%PdF/r;:s#/#\\#g<CR>Inamespace <ESC>d/[A-Z]<CR>Goclass <C-R>=expand("%:t:r")<CR><CR>{<CR>
" This will align params by using align vim bundle
nmap <C-D> :call PhpDocSingle()<CR><ESC>jv/\/<CR>kkk\tsp<CR>
vnoremap <C-D> :call PhpDocRange()<CR>
if filereadable(expand("~/.vimrc.local"))
source ~/.vimrc.local