All of the hardware design files for the BLEduino and Shield-Shield.
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BLEduino Hardware

Here you'll find all of the hardware design files related to the BLEduino and Shield-Shield.

  • Bill of Materials - The full parts list used on the BLEduino and the Shield-Shield.
  • Eagle - Schematic and PCB files for the BLEduino and Shield-Shield.
  • Gerber - All of the Gerber files needed to produce your own BLEduinos or Shield-Shield.
  • PDFs - PDF copies of the schematics and pcb including the individual layers.

These files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. That means you're allowed to modify, view, distribute, and remix any of the files for personal and comerical purposes as long as you credit the BLEduino and release your design files under the same or similar license.