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Compilation issue under OSX #13

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When attempting to compile BLIIP through TEES, and later directly, I got the following problems:

-- first, I get a "invalid value '6' in '-O6'" when best-parses is compiled ('make -C second-stage/programs/features best-parses'). It seems that the OSX clang compiler (version 4.2 on my 10.7.5 box) doesn't accept optimization levels that high. Setting it to 3 appears to fix this problem. Note: the compilation of parseIt ('make -C first-stage/PARSE parseIt') uses -O3 instead of -O6; not sure why

-- second, once the optimization flag is changed, I get the following compilation errors:

Any help would be appreciated.


Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing member

Thanks for the report. I've never used clang before and historically the parser has only worked with gcc/g++ (sometimes not even that...). Is gcc/g++ an option for you? I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to this.

I'm not sure why the optimization is set so high (I'm fine with lowering it to -O3). The parser's Makefile unfortunately does its own things in terms of $CFLAGS and the like (this could certainly be improved).


It looks like the parser is successfully building on OS X 10.8.3 with XCode 4.6.2 using the command

CXX=g++ make

written just like this, all in one line


Thanks reckart! Setting the environment variable CXX to 'g++' did it. That, plus hard-coding the optimization level to 3, solved all compilation issues I had.


Thanks for the tip. Changing the env. variable worked and I did not need to change the optimization level.
Even though the parser gets compiled but I am still getting some errors from the Makefile.
make[1]: *** No rule to make target -lm', needed bysparseval'. Stop.
make: *** [SParseval/src/sparseval] Error 2

Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing member

Can you try removing the "-lm" from the end of the dependencies in the SParseval/ Makefile? That is, the first line should not end in "-lm" but the following line starting with "$(CC)" should.

Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing member

I'm closing this bug for now. Please reopen if the above didn't work.

@dmcc dmcc closed this
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