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Brandmeister user database BETA for Ailunce, Anytone, Tytera and Pi-Star (autogenerated every 30 minutes)
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Brandmeister user database BETA has 145096 entries.

Brandmeister user database BETA for Ailunce, Anytone, Tytera and Pi-Star :)

Brandmeister user database BETA are unverified "up to date" database files wich are automatically created every 30 minutes. This means that after our normal updates, new dmr users who register, will be automatically added here to the databases, but they are not verified yet by us and the data might not be complete. If you always need to be up to date, even if the display might not show all the information for the newest users, then these files are what you need.

Statistics about Brandmeister user database BETA vs verified version (updated when new users are added)

  • Anytone BETA Database has 145097 entries
  • Anytone verified Database has 144663 entries

  • Ailunce HD1 BETA Database has 145096 entries
  • Ailunce HD1 verified Database has 144662 entries

  • Tytera MD-2017 BETA Database has 100000 entries
  • Tytera MD-2017 verified Database has 100000 entries

  • Tytera MD-380 and 390 BETA Database has 145329 entries
  • Tytera MD-380 and 390 verified Database has 144894 entries

  • Pi-Star BETA Database has 145098 entries
  • Pi-Star original Database has 143753 entries

Why is there a difference in the count of entries?

  • BETA version is more "up to date" then the verified version.
  • Anytone has a leading header.
  • Ailunce HD1 has no leading header and represence the actual user count.
  • Tytera MD-2017 can only handle 100k users (the first 100k users are put into the database).
  • Tytera MD380/390 has leading header and 233 extra TG contacts.
  • Pi-Star has 2 leading headers.

Add our database to your Pi-Star?

If you want to add our Database support to your Pi-Star, just follow this howto.
Execute the following commands in a ssh session with your Pi-Star.
  • rpi-rw
  • sudo nano /usr/local/sbin/

Find the line:
and place a # in front of it
add the following line under it
it should looke like this now: Then press ctrl-x to exit, confirm with y to save and press enter to use the chosen filename.

Then execute sudo pistar-update or sudo and enjoy all callsigns on the display and webinterface.
We hope that Pi-Star will add this in the future.
Download latest Brandmeister user database BETA for Ailunce, Anytone and Tytera
For MD380-MD390 : If you edit the database by yourself do not forget to fill in the number of characters on the first line. Preview at the bottom of Notepad tab. Example Length: 4,275,525 Enter this number on the first line without commas thus 4275525.
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