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Introduction to modeling and simulation of human movement


Time and place

  • Wednesdays, 17-19h; Fridays, 17-19h, lab A2 L003, campus São Bernardo do Campo


Lecture Schedule

Lecture 1


Tasks (for Lecture 3):

  • Install OpenSim and do the first three tutorials (Help menu).

Lecture 2

Tasks (for Lecture 4):

  • Write a Jupyter notebook to compute and plot the acceleration of the particle with displacement data contained in the file pezzack.txt. Additionally, compare the computed acceleration with the true acceleration (contained in the same data).


Lecture 3

  • OpenSim tutorials

Readings (for Lecture 5):

  • Bear, M., Connors, B., & Paradiso, M. (2017). Neuroscience: Exploring the brain (4th ed.). (pages 454-468).
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