Custom build of ie7-js 2.1 beta4 to enable :before/:after pseudo selectors in IE.
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CSS :before and :after pseudo selectors are really great for things like icons, decorative arrows, etc. If you really need support for these selectors in IE7 this is a drop-in fix.


There doesn't seem to be a good drop-in patch for :before and :after anywhere on the web. Dean Edward's ie7-js does an excellent job of adding this, but also adds a lot of other patches that impact performance and often have undesired effects on the rendering of a page.

This is nothing more than a custom build of ie7-js 2.1 beta4 using the included build.php?ie8 (ie8 compat) with the following modules disabled:

  • ie7-layout.js
  • ie7-graphics.js
  • ie7-fixed.js
  • ie7-overflow.js
  • ie7-quirks.js
  • ie8-layout.js
  • ie8-graphics.js


Absolutely all credit goes to the brilliant Dean Edwards and his ie7-js.


This will patch in :before and :after support for IE7. Use like so:

<!--[if lt IE 8]>
<script src="path/to/ie8.min.js"></script>

Exact placement in the document shouldn't matter since it attaches to the onload event.