This is the codebase for the SciKnowMine web application. This codebase generates a *.war file that can be deployed in a tomcat server or run from the command line using Maven's implementation of the Jetty server.
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Installation Instructions

We recommend building and running from source. This should be straightforward and is the most functional in terms of troubleshooting and bug-fixing. User manuals can be found at

  1. Clone the bmkeg-parent project from github to set all the dependency versions and repositories:
    • git clone
  2. Clone the sciKnowMine project. This is just the wrapper for the web application.
    • git clone
    • If you want to build all server + client elements from scratch, see our sciKnowMineProject Github page.
  3. cd sciKnowMine - change directories into the project folder.
  4. mvn clean package - build the project
  5. If you would like to run the system immediately, use mvn jetty:run-war to run the project from the built war-file. We recommend deploying target/sciKnowMine.war file to a JavaEE web application server (Tomcat) to run the system in a production environment.
  6. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/sciKnowMine to see the following screenshot.