All libraries and components relevant to the SciKnowMine triage application.
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High-level build project for all SciKnowMine Triage submodules

We list ten submodules in this high-level repo. This is probably overkill since there's some repetition from the lapdftext project. We list these here.

  • triageServer generates the web archive (*.war) file that runs on a web application container (such as Jetty, Tomcat, Glassfish, etc).
  • skmTriage contains the server-side logic for all administrative commands to generate, populate and edit the underlying database
  • triageClientApp generates the *.swf file for the Flex web-application
  • triageClientComponents generates the *.swc library containing all the logic of the triageModule Flex component.
  • skmCore provides a basic layer on top of the digitalLibrary for other text mining applications using UIMA.
  • digitalLibraryDao provides a data access to the system for base citaiton and document functions.
  • lapdftext is the core library for manipulating PDF documents.
  • lapdftextVpdmf links the lapdftext library to the VPDMf framework via the FTD model.
  • bmkeg-as-parent manages maven meta-data for AS projects.
  • bmkeg-parent manages maven meta-data for Java projects.

The system is built on four linked VPDMf models

  1. people - simply structures to manage names of people.
  2. ftd - full text documents (mainly PDFs at this stage).
  3. digitalLibrary - citation information, mainly linked to and pulled from PubMed.
  4. triage - information pertaining to the triage process as we define it here.