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Jun 1, 2018


update CorMatHr executable files in the release software-package.

@haixiao990 haixiao990 released this May 19, 2019

Up-to-date functions described in the HBM paper including high-resolution network construction.
Du, H., et al. "PAGANI Toolkit: Parallel graph-theoretical analysis package for brain network big data. " Human Brain Mapping 39.5(2018).

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@BNAadministrator3 BNAadministrator3 released this Feb 2, 2017

A crucial milestone in PAGANI development!
This update includes several features, which enables PANGANI to construct dense functional networks with diverse FC(functional connectivity) measures. We believe PAGANI toolit will facilitate the modern brain studies of dense connectomes vastly.

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@BNAadministrator3 BNAadministrator3 released this Jun 8, 2016

Fix some silly bugs.

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Jun 8, 2016


Fix some bugs once again.

@BNAadministrator3 BNAadministrator3 released this Feb 27, 2016

Note that the file mapping mechanisim may be unstable.

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@BNAadministrator3 BNAadministrator3 released this Jan 15, 2016

Small update.
As for this update we have done some work in source code to make Network
Construction algorithm more robust.

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@BNAadministrator3 BNAadministrator3 released this Dec 30, 2015

Major new features in this release include:
Update the GUI of PAGANI toolkit;
Provide the source code of GUI;
Update a series of executable files (.exe format) of algorithms.
Come and help us to improve PAGANI toolkit!

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@BNAadministrator3 BNAadministrator3 released this Dec 29, 2015

This is the first version of our PAGANI toolkit. For detail information see README and instruction manual in 'doc' directory. Come and join us !

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