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A modern tracker for PvPGN servers using UDP datagrams and a PHP web interface
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This project transforms PvPGN tracker solicitations over UDP datagrams into usable data for users to browse using a PHP web user interface.


There are two parts to PvPGN tracking, they are split into the daemon and the web user interface.

The daemon binds to 6114/udp on a server and listens for UDP datagrams from PvPGN servers. It reads and writes a state file that can be accessed by PHP. The state file is the source of truth, the daemon will keep it pruned as necessary.

The PHP web user interface requires Nginx and PHP-FPM software, and the environment needs to be able to access the daemon's state file for reading. All requests should be sent to the main.php file.

For information on the format of the UDP datagram, read the PvPGN Tracking Protocol document.

License & Warranty

See our License file included with this repository.

tl;dr: You're responsible for yourself and everything you do or that happens.

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