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Top level Wire Cell aggregation package for source and building.
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This is the main aggregation package for Wire Cell packages.

It brings together all the Wire Cell packages as git submodules and
provides the top-level build.

For installation instructions and other information see the Docs:

Explanation of the application in 2dtoy/apps

uBooNE MC:
1. wire-cell-milind.cxx (imaging: standard application I)
2. wire-cell-improve.cxx (imaging: standard application II with improved order of algorithm)
3. wire-cell-toffset.cxx (imaging: standard application III taking into account the time offset for the muons with respect to the trigger time)
4. wire-cell-angle.cxx (imaging: temporary application to rotate events to study the TPC angle)

5. wire-cell-cluster.cxx (pattern: recognition code for one chosen cluster)
6. wire-cell-allcluster.cxx  (pattern: main pattern recognition code for all clusters)
7. wire-cell-mc-ns.cxx wire-cell-mc-ns-prod.cxx (pattern: in development, made for the uBooNE neutrino selection, need to improve)
8. wire-cell-mc-ns1.cxx wire-cell-mc-ns1-prod.cxx (pattern: in development, made for the uBooNE neutrino selection, need to improve)
9. wire-cell-single-muon-eff.cxx (pattern: in development, made to calculate single track efficiency)

10. wire-cell-wire-length.cxx (other: made for Jyoti to get the wire length for uBooNE)

35 ton case and dune:
1. wire-cell-35ton-disambiguity.cxx (imaging: standard application for 35 ton)
2. wire-cell-dune_work_space.cxx (imaging: standard application for DUNE work space
3. wire-cell-dune-det-op.cxx (pattern: in development, use MCtruth to find the gap and calculate dE/dx)

uBooNE Data:
1. wire-cell-real-data.cxx (imaging: for the real data)
2. wire-cell-real-data-ns.cxx (pattern: in development, pattern recognition for real data's neutrino selection)
3. wire-cell-real-data-2D-display.cxx (other: made for Chao's magnify 2D display)
4. wire-cell-gap_demon.cxx (other: made for Brian, to identify the gap where the 2 wires are broken)

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