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A React learning project - a light-hearted website with info and a quiz on different types of geese
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Geese Games

What is this app?

I really love geese, which are totally underrated and underappreciated animals in my opinion... So I thought I'd write a light-hearted little information and quiz site about them, to help me learn how to use React. I also wanted to play with Styled Components.

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Styled-components
  • govuk-react

How to work with this project

  • Once you've cloned it down, run npm install to get all the appropriate modules
  • Then, run npm run start to start the local server and navigate to the port it tells you to go to
  • Once you're ready to deploy, push up GitHub and merge into the master branch if you weren't on master, then run npm run deploy


After asking around, I was recommended and then got Wes Bos' course to get me started. Then, when I started up this project, I often referred to the Facebook documentation. I used create-react-app to start me off.

Plans for this app

  • Make the quiz order randomised and quiz answer options shuffle
  • Make the design more responsive


If you see any issues with my code, please do raise issues on the repo! Any feedback or tips are greatly appreciated =)


Homepage: homepage

Geese info page: geese info page

Quiz page: quiz page

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