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Idea dump

Instead of pretending we are some magical creatures, let’s call them unicorns, we decided to step away from our egos and accept the realization that our ideas are not so special, that we cannot realize them all, and that the only way to effectively contribute something in an ever-changing world is to make our work common and available for everyone.

It was truth time. We wanted overcome our own fallacy in thinking At some point I am gonna do this. Because how many of those can we realistically play with and then put into practice? We would love to see others jump on these ideas and breath life into them.

So, here it goes. Our list of world unfuckafication hacks and some product ideas even - for everyone to gaze at, laugh at, copy but not steal (no copyrights).


Say Dic!

Bluetooth mic and button remote to hook into a dictation app (with auto-transcription preferably, say dic!). You can attach a clip to it, so when you rage around your mothers basement instigating your standup career and fall off your drunken ass you have both hands. Say Dic! == Say Rec! to open it (through voice assistants). /* I realize a strongly worded product like (Say) Dic! violates positive design rules that it is not inclusive. Not everyone is cool with strong language so the app, maybe entire experience could be split into Dic == Rec. Rec being the nicer sister to the rambunctious older brother. */

couple with payment experiment: The opposite of (or something like) split the bill. When we incur costs like API calls to Google or so you pay us half of what Google makes. It might be that the best transcription algorithm be hidden behind legacy, so we need to address the fact that the only way to offer the best accuracy and experience will cost money offer pay-what-you-can as well for the basic version (without API calls)

Open query to anyone interested in collaborating on this one!

To the afraid-of-open-source crowd out there: Don’t believe the first-mover fallacy. It’s bullshit. There is no first-mover anything in shitty software.

So we are doing the opposite: We are actively sharing our blueprints, methods and thoughts so Chinese manufacturers can take them and turn them into all kinds of forks. Some will contribute to open-source projects because they see this as healthy competition, copying from one another to be better. Offer the software in Chinese, too, from the start. We need to include people in the community to buffer the lost-in-translation fatigue.

Positive Design Alliance

A collection of ideas, hacks and tools to use technology for our own benefit, understand its pitfalls and re-configure our minds. Share these materials with schools, employers, etc... We are actually setting this up as we speak. Our thoughts, hacks, manifest will be available at later this year.


Simple list of counters. XX days since I... // XX days until I... /* Try to sort list in interesting ways, e.g. split horizontally since/until */

Kickstarter +Humans

Archive/platform to find and contact all Kickstarters with skills and current job/project. The idea is to structure all projects so that if someone want to start something new they can ask people who did something similar.

Does it exist?

Is it new? Want to create something new? Ask fellow founders if it has been tried before.

Behind the Façade

VR/AR app which looks behind the façade of all things. Visualizes the way, money controls us. Who is behind corporations, products, people? And how to deal with privacy?

AI Log

Diary/logbook/journal... with AI. Look into sentiment, use of vocabulary, character development, which phrases you repeat, patterns we haven‘t imagined yet. Will become more useful after a couple of years (esp. with improved AI)

Stylo So

Stylo organic soy sauce. Comes with cool bottle for restaurants. The refiller has a bar-like ‘portioner’.

Our Q&A

Quora-like Q&A system for closed discussions. Maybe circle of friends/fb lists as recipients, instead of email over and over again.


Co-living/-working platform for small teams where they can rent the kitchen and living room of people who don't use them.

Sketch git plugin

Git for Sketch. check-in versions of files but also individual artboards/screens. Fall back to and manage versions but also import screen versions into artboards. Could have web interface with screen preview, download and restore remotely into your open file. Could have scrapboard or playground, kept separate from screens. Killer feature: co-design. Work side by side in Sketch and compare designs online, maybe have a shared page. /* We know there are now a couple of Git plugins available for Sketch, and they are a good start. Their feature set still keeps us wanting more. */

Open-source ideator

Open source, community-based idea generation engine/wiki/whatevs useful for design camp for kids basic template + learning, best practices shared with adopter who can edit and extend meta data for events: size, location, language(s), tools, the more people who re-create the idea the more learning can be made. mix in different languages, translation through community

Humankind emergency button

Humans are idiots and maniacs. When we screw up, there needs to be an emergency system in place to put an immediate halt to whatever scrupulous and devastating shit we pull (e.g. fracking)

Gruesome shopping bag

See-through plastic with fake things inside

  • Dead birds
  • Oil
  • Stacked, dead cats
  • Blood and cut-off hands, arms, eye
  • Alien babies


(Weekly) newsletter/fb page with only good news about our world.

  • Use Feedly for curation
  • Use TinyLetter for publishing

Local wifi network for travel

It connects to the hotel wifi and provides a local wifi for your devices. iPhone could use airplay, stream from a hdd, use phone as remote for laptop, etc.


A language learning tool which connects words to examples of use in literature, music and film. You could connect your Facebook profile and we show examples from your likes first.

Snappy bitch keyboard

Create snappy bitch iOS keyboard with quotes and remarks. Create personas like the industry man saying things like Aaah, the clothing industry is killing poor people.

Bloc no-party

Way ahead of its time. Build a communication mediator service. It blocks certain detrimental things out of your life. By either intervening instantly or buffering what you say. It extends to the house where more and more devices will speak with us. Internally it would keep all communication private and only share necessary few data.

The Truth

A machine to ask all questions of life.


Make a list of the world's problems and who working on them. Add meta tags and open the data. Include a people directory. Add open data sources. Spawns:


Do I have to go?

If humans outlive themselves due to advances in repair technology offer a voting mechanism for friends and family for someone to let go.

Truth Poll

Setup a Q&A kinda-system to truths. Hook in Wolfram Alpha, Wikidata etc. Use auto-suggest for questions.

New Music Sucker

Create a new releases app that let’s you pull in your favorite bands (, Spotify top listens, iTunes library, add manually) and add a list to your Spotify account. Later on add more sources and play Spotify inside the app. Get new albums from Amazon and reference with Spotify.


Create an auto-transcribe service. start with manual transcription. Users can record their own stop/go command (mic listening in - check battery consumption).


Create a service to remind you to call/chat with important people in our lives. Hook into address book, email, recent calls and social networks. Find a time in the calendar. Look at your social circle differently. Understand why spending time with some people always feels rejuvenating.


Have an energy amount on all products showing how much energy went in making it and how much energetic value still resides.

UXify social good

Make having an impact on the world easy. Find things that immediately improve your life and be good for the world. Could be basic questions: ‘Do you want to save money or have an impact?’.

Real Pacman

Do a real-life Pacman game

Horror Mobile

Displays scary shadows onto the walls


Record 1 second audio messages. Hear a noise wall of random sounds.

Dear Future Me

Write letters to yourself and decide when to unlock it. Optionally have it send to your postal address. Var.: 'Future Me' App Write letters to yourself, send your future me money, give yourself chores and whatnot.


Create a champagne 'Analwasser', 'Arschwasser', 'Popöchen' (Piccolos)


App that lets you record people around you and add the sound to videos or gifs of random douchebags.


Create a bottle out of durable and lightweight glass

Social exchange

People give 1% of their paycheck to a crappily payed job type from a list of social good jobs.


Create a digital butler service for everyone. It works like an assistant handling important tasks, schedule, meetings, etc. but also accounting, find and cancel cellphone tariffs and everything creative people are suffering from.


Experiment: Film people in public places with a infrared camera looking for farts


Make a digital ink board to display a new quote every day. Hook 'em up to the web, let other's send you messages.

P2P sports commenting

Provide sport streams for people to host their own household comment studio.

Iron Lady

Create ironing puppet for women's blouses


Fly flap made like a gas and a lighter.


  • Stay informed about your favorite artists
  • All your favorite bands in one place
  • Integrate back w/ Spotify (in-app)
  • use motion sensor to measure concert action


Independent service for sticking to only private hosting and sharing mechanisms. Bringing together the frontend and sharing capabilities that make Dropbox and the like so versatile, especially on mobile.


Create 2D glasses for 3D cinemas.


Make a better version of lighter fluid refiller.

Silent Voices

Platform for little ideas. One could pitch e. g. a great idea for a poster design made from a certain movie or picture. The rights would be split 50/50 (?). Tiny pitch(er)...?

Behind the curtain

Platform to answer all questions of life in an academically sound way. E. g. one would like to know the psychology behind cam girls and a researcher could pick this up and do a thesis or something. An option would be to back some of these projects with a research fund.


Food delivery service that let's the user submit/choose recipes from all over the web.