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// This file is part of BOINC.
// Copyright (C) 2018 University of California
// BOINC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
// under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
// as published by the Free Software Foundation,
// either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
// BOINC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
// along with BOINC. If not, see <>.
// a C++ interface to BOINC GUI RPC
#ifdef _WIN32
#include "boinc_win.h"
#include "config.h"
#if !defined(_WIN32) || defined (__CYGWIN__)
#include <cstdio>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <sys/param.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <netinet/tcp.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <netdb.h>
#include <locale.h>
#include <deque>
#include "cc_config.h"
#include "common_defs.h"
#include "filesys.h"
#include "hostinfo.h"
#include "keyword.h"
#include "miofile.h"
#include "network.h"
#include "notice.h"
#include "prefs.h"
struct GUI_URL {
std::string name;
std::string description;
std::string url;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
// statistics at a specific day
struct DAILY_STATS {
double user_total_credit;
double user_expavg_credit;
double host_total_credit;
double host_expavg_credit;
double day;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
std::string name;
std::string url;
std::string general_area;
std::string specific_area;
std::string description;
std::string home; // sponsoring organization
std::string image; // URL of logo
std::vector<std::string> platforms;
// platforms supported by project, or empty
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
struct AM_LIST_ENTRY {
std::string name;
std::string url;
std::string description;
std::string image;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
std::vector<PROJECT_LIST_ENTRY*> projects;
std::vector<AM_LIST_ENTRY*> account_managers;
void clear();
void alpha_sort();
struct RSC_DESC {
double backoff_time;
double backoff_interval;
bool no_rsc_ams;
bool no_rsc_apps;
bool no_rsc_pref;
bool no_rsc_config;
void clear();
struct PROJECT {
char master_url[256];
double resource_share;
std::string project_name;
std::string user_name;
std::string team_name;
int hostid;
std::vector<GUI_URL> gui_urls;
std::string project_dir;
double user_total_credit;
double user_expavg_credit;
double host_total_credit; // as reported by server
double host_expavg_credit; // as reported by server
double disk_usage;
int nrpc_failures; // # of consecutive times we've failed to
// contact all scheduling servers
int master_fetch_failures;
double min_rpc_time; // earliest time to contact any server
double download_backoff;
double upload_backoff;
RSC_DESC rsc_desc_cpu;
RSC_DESC rsc_desc_nvidia;
RSC_DESC rsc_desc_ati;
RSC_DESC rsc_desc_intel_gpu;
double sched_priority;
double duration_correction_factor;
bool anonymous_platform;
bool master_url_fetch_pending; // need to fetch and parse the master URL
int sched_rpc_pending; // need to contact scheduling server
// encodes the reason for the request
bool non_cpu_intensive;
bool suspended_via_gui;
bool dont_request_more_work;
bool scheduler_rpc_in_progress;
bool attached_via_acct_mgr;
bool detach_when_done;
bool ended;
bool trickle_up_pending;
double project_files_downloaded_time;
// when the last project file download was finished
// (i.e. the time when ALL project files were finished downloading)
double last_rpc_time;
// when the last successful scheduler RPC finished
std::vector<DAILY_STATS> statistics; // credit data over the last x days
char venue[256];
int njobs_success;
int njobs_error;
double elapsed_time;
char external_cpid[64];
// NOTE: if you add any data items above,
// update parse(), and clear() to include them!!
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void print_disk_usage();
void clear();
void get_name(std::string&);
// temp - keep track of whether or not this record needs to be deleted
bool flag_for_delete;
struct APP {
char name[256];
char user_friendly_name[256];
PROJECT* project;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
struct APP_VERSION {
char app_name[256];
int version_num;
char platform[64];
char plan_class[64];
double avg_ncpus;
int gpu_type;
double gpu_usage;
double natis;
double gpu_ram;
double flops;
char exec_filename[256];
APP* app;
PROJECT* project;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
int parse_coproc(XML_PARSER&);
int parse_file_ref(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
struct WORKUNIT {
char name[256];
char app_name[256];
int version_num; // backwards compat
double rsc_fpops_est;
double rsc_fpops_bound;
double rsc_memory_bound;
double rsc_disk_bound;
PROJECT* project;
APP* app;
JOB_KEYWORDS job_keywords;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
struct RESULT {
char name[256];
char wu_name[256];
char project_url[256];
char platform[256];
int version_num;
char plan_class[64];
double report_deadline;
double received_time;
bool ready_to_report;
bool got_server_ack;
double final_cpu_time;
double final_elapsed_time;
int state;
int scheduler_state;
int exit_status;
int signal;
//std::string stderr_out;
bool suspended_via_gui;
bool project_suspended_via_gui;
bool coproc_missing;
bool scheduler_wait;
char scheduler_wait_reason[256];
bool network_wait;
// the following defined if active
bool active_task;
int active_task_state;
int app_version_num;
int slot;
int pid;
double checkpoint_cpu_time;
double current_cpu_time;
double fraction_done;
double elapsed_time;
double progress_rate;
// avg increase in fraction done per second
double swap_size;
double working_set_size_smoothed;
double estimated_cpu_time_remaining;
// actually, estimated elapsed time remaining
double bytes_sent;
double bytes_received;
bool too_large;
bool needs_shmem;
bool edf_scheduled;
char graphics_exec_path[MAXPATHLEN];
char web_graphics_url[256];
char remote_desktop_addr[256];
char slot_path[MAXPATHLEN];
// only present if graphics_exec_path is
char resources[256];
APP* app;
PROJECT* project;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
std::string name;
std::string project_url;
std::string project_name;
double nbytes; // total # of bytes to be transferred
bool uploaded;
bool is_upload;
bool generated_locally; // deprecated; for compatibility w/ old clients
bool sticky;
bool pers_xfer_active;
bool xfer_active;
int num_retries;
double first_request_time;
double next_request_time;
int status;
double time_so_far;
double bytes_xferred;
double file_offset;
double xfer_speed;
std::string hostname;
double project_backoff;
PROJECT* project;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
struct MESSAGE {
std::string project;
int priority;
int seqno;
int timestamp;
std::string body;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
// should match up with PROXY_INFO in proxy_info.h
struct GR_PROXY_INFO {
bool use_http_proxy;
bool use_http_authentication;
std::string http_server_name;
int http_server_port;
std::string http_user_name;
std::string http_user_passwd;
bool use_socks_proxy;
std::string socks_server_name;
int socks_server_port;
std::string socks5_user_name;
std::string socks5_user_passwd;
bool socks5_remote_dns;
std::string noproxy_hosts;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
// Represents the entire client state.
// Call get_state() infrequently.
struct CC_STATE {
std::vector<PROJECT*> projects;
std::vector<APP*> apps;
std::vector<APP_VERSION*> app_versions;
std::vector<WORKUNIT*> wus;
std::vector<RESULT*> results;
std::vector<std::string> platforms;
// platforms supported by client
GLOBAL_PREFS global_prefs; // working prefs, i.e. network + override
VERSION_INFO version_info; // populated only if talking to pre-5.6 client
bool executing_as_daemon; // true if client is running as a service / daemon
HOST_INFO host_info;
TIME_STATS time_stats;
bool have_nvidia; // deprecated; include for compat (set by <have_cuda/>)
bool have_ati; // deprecated; include for compat
PROJECT* lookup_project(const char* url);
APP* lookup_app(PROJECT*, const char* name);
APP_VERSION* lookup_app_version(PROJECT*, APP*,
char* platform, int vnum, char* plan_class
APP_VERSION* lookup_app_version(PROJECT*, APP*,
int vnum, char* plan_class
APP_VERSION* lookup_app_version(PROJECT*, APP*, int vnum);
WORKUNIT* lookup_wu(PROJECT*, const char* name);
RESULT* lookup_result(PROJECT*, const char* name);
RESULT* lookup_result(const char* url, const char* name);
void print();
void clear();
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
inline bool have_gpu() {
return !host_info.coprocs.none()
|| have_nvidia || have_ati // for old clients
struct PROJECTS {
std::vector<PROJECT*> projects;
void print();
void print_urls();
void clear();
struct DISK_USAGE {
std::vector<PROJECT*> projects;
double d_total;
double d_free;
double d_boinc; // amount used by BOINC itself, not projects
double d_allowed; // amount BOINC is allowed to use, total
void print();
void clear();
struct RESULTS {
std::vector<RESULT*> results;
void print();
void clear();
std::vector<FILE_TRANSFER*> file_transfers;
void print();
void clear();
struct MESSAGES {
std::deque<MESSAGE*> messages;
void print();
void clear();
struct NOTICES {
bool complete;
bool received;
// whether vector contains all notices, or just new ones
std::vector<NOTICE*> notices;
void print();
void clear();
struct ACCT_MGR_INFO {
std::string acct_mgr_name;
std::string acct_mgr_url;
bool have_credentials;
bool cookie_required;
std::string cookie_failure_url;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
void clear();
int error_num;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
int error_num;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
std::string url;
std::string name;
std::string team_name;
std::string setup_cookie;
bool has_account_key;
bool embedded;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
int error_num;
std::string name;
std::string master_url;
std::string web_rpc_url_base;
// prefix for create_account, lookup_account web RPCs
// If absent, use the master URL
int local_revision; // SVN changeset# of server software
int min_passwd_length;
bool account_manager;
bool uses_username; // true for WCG
bool account_creation_disabled;
bool client_account_creation_disabled; // must create account on web
bool sched_stopped; // scheduler disabled
bool web_stopped; // DB-driven web functions disabled
int min_client_version;
std::string error_msg;
bool terms_of_use_is_html;
std::string terms_of_use;
// if present, show this text in an "accept terms of use?" dialog
// before allowing attachment to continue.
std::vector<std::string> platforms;
// platforms supported by project, or empty
bool ldap_auth;
// project supports LDAP authentication
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
void print();
struct ACCOUNT_IN {
std::string url;
// URL prefix for web RPCs
std::string email_addr;
// the account identifier (email address, user name, or LDAP uid)
std::string user_name;
std::string passwd;
std::string team_name;
std::string server_cookie;
bool ldap_auth;
bool server_assigned_cookie;
void clear();
struct ACCOUNT_OUT {
int error_num;
std::string error_msg;
std::string authenticator;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
void print();
struct CC_STATUS {
int network_status; // values: NETWORK_STATUS_*
bool ams_password_error;
bool manager_must_quit;
int task_suspend_reason; // bitmap, see common_defs.h
int task_mode; // always/auto/never; see common_defs.h
int task_mode_perm; // same, but permanent version
double task_mode_delay; // time until perm becomes actual
int gpu_suspend_reason;
int gpu_mode;
int gpu_mode_perm;
double gpu_mode_delay;
int network_suspend_reason;
int network_mode;
int network_mode_perm;
double network_mode_delay;
bool disallow_attach;
bool simple_gui_only;
int max_event_log_lines;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void clear();
void print();
std::vector<PROJECT*> projects;
std::vector<RESULT*> results;
void print();
struct DAILY_XFER {
int when;
double up;
double down;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
std::vector <DAILY_XFER> daily_xfers;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
// Keep this consistent with client/result.h
struct OLD_RESULT {
char project_url[256];
char result_name[256];
char app_name[256];
int exit_status;
double elapsed_time;
double cpu_time;
double completed_time;
double create_time;
int parse(XML_PARSER&);
void print();
struct RPC_CLIENT {
int sock;
double start_time;
double timeout;
bool retry;
sockaddr_storage addr;
int send_request(const char*);
int get_reply(char*&);
int get_ip_addr(const char* host, int port);
int init(const char* host, int port=0);
int init_asynch(
const char* host, double timeout, bool retry, int port=GUI_RPC_PORT
// timeout == how long to wait until give up
// If the caller (i.e. BOINC Manager) just launched the core client,
// this should be large enough to allow the process to
// run and open its listening socket (e.g. 60 sec)
// If connecting to a remote client, it should be large enough
// for the user to deal with a "personal firewall" popup
// (e.g. 60 sec)
// retry: if true, keep retrying until succeed or timeout.
// Use this if just launched the core client.
int init_poll();
int init_unix_domain();
void close();
int authorize(const char* passwd);
int exchange_versions(VERSION_INFO&);
int get_state(CC_STATE&);
int get_results(RESULTS&, bool active_only = false);
int get_old_results(std::vector<OLD_RESULT>&);
int get_file_transfers(FILE_TRANSFERS&);
int get_simple_gui_info(SIMPLE_GUI_INFO&);
int get_project_status(PROJECTS&);
int get_all_projects_list(ALL_PROJECTS_LIST&);
int get_disk_usage(DISK_USAGE&);
int project_op(PROJECT&, const char* op);
int set_run_mode(int mode, double duration);
// if duration is zero, change is permanent.
// otherwise, after duration expires,
// restore last permanent mode
int set_gpu_mode(int mode, double duration);
int set_network_mode(int mode, double duration);
int get_screensaver_tasks(int& suspend_reason, RESULTS&);
int run_benchmarks();
int set_proxy_settings(GR_PROXY_INFO&);
int get_proxy_settings(GR_PROXY_INFO&);
int get_messages(int seqno, MESSAGES&, bool translatable=false);
int get_message_count(int& seqno);
int get_notices(int seqno, NOTICES&);
int get_notices_public(int seqno, NOTICES&);
int file_transfer_op(FILE_TRANSFER&, const char*);
int result_op(RESULT&, const char*);
int get_host_info(HOST_INFO&);
int set_host_info(HOST_INFO&);
int quit();
int acct_mgr_info(ACCT_MGR_INFO&);
const char* mode_name(int mode);
int get_statistics(PROJECTS&);
int network_available();
int get_project_init_status(PROJECT_INIT_STATUS& pis);
int report_device_status(DEVICE_STATUS&);
// the following are asynch operations.
// Make the first call to start the op,
// call the second one periodically until it returns zero.
// TODO: do project update
int get_project_config(std::string url);
int get_project_config_poll(PROJECT_CONFIG&);
int lookup_account(ACCOUNT_IN&);
int lookup_account_poll(ACCOUNT_OUT&);
int create_account(ACCOUNT_IN&);
int create_account_poll(ACCOUNT_OUT&);
int project_attach(
const char* url, const char* auth, const char* project_name
int project_attach_from_file();
int project_attach_poll(PROJECT_ATTACH_REPLY&);
int acct_mgr_rpc(
const char* url, const char* name, const char* passwd,
bool use_config_file=false
int acct_mgr_rpc_poll(ACCT_MGR_RPC_REPLY&);
int get_newer_version(std::string&, std::string&);
int read_global_prefs_override();
int read_cc_config();
int get_cc_status(CC_STATUS&);
int get_global_prefs_file(std::string&);
int get_global_prefs_working(std::string&);
int get_global_prefs_working_struct(GLOBAL_PREFS&, GLOBAL_PREFS_MASK&);
int get_global_prefs_override(std::string&);
int set_global_prefs_override(std::string&);
int get_global_prefs_override_struct(GLOBAL_PREFS&, GLOBAL_PREFS_MASK&);
int set_global_prefs_override_struct(GLOBAL_PREFS&, GLOBAL_PREFS_MASK&);
int get_cc_config(CC_CONFIG& config, LOG_FLAGS& log_flags);
int set_cc_config(CC_CONFIG& config, LOG_FLAGS& log_flags);
int get_app_config(const char* url, APP_CONFIGS& conf);
int set_app_config(const char* url, APP_CONFIGS& conf);
int get_daily_xfer_history(DAILY_XFER_HISTORY&);
int set_language(const char*);
struct RPC {
char* mbuf;
RPC_CLIENT* rpc_client;
int do_rpc(const char*);
int parse_reply();
// no-op, the calling thread is already set to use C locale
struct SET_LOCALE {
struct SET_LOCALE {
std::string old_locale;
old_locale = setlocale(LC_ALL, NULL);
setlocale(LC_ALL, "C");
setlocale(LC_ALL, old_locale.c_str());
extern int read_gui_rpc_password(char*);