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Simple attach usage

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During the evolution of BOINC there have been three ways for users to get started (i.e. create a project account, install BOINC, and attach to the account):

  • Ancient attach: you download the client installer from the BOINC web site. You run it, and use the Attach Project dialog to specify a project (by typing its URL) and create a project with email/password.

  • Old attach: like Ancient, but you choose the project from a menu.

  • Simple Attach: you create an account using a form on the project website and download the installer from the project website. When the client runs, it's pre-attached to the account.

Simple Attach has the advantages that:

  • It's simpler (fewer clicks).
  • The UI is in the web, not the Manager. Projects can customize the UI.

To use Simple Attach, a project must:

  • Upgrade their server software (just the web software, if they want).
  • Make a minor modification to the home page (index.php). Namely: make a Join button that links to signup.php.

If you have any problems, post to the boinc_projects email list or contact David Anderson.

Projects using Simple Attach

  • Asteroids@home
  • BOINC Central
  • DENIS@home
  • Milkyway@home
  • Rakesearch
  • Ramanujan Machine (1)
  • SiDock@home

(1) Join/signup button is not prominent on home page

Projects using Old attach

  • (1)
  • Einstein@home
  • LHC@home (2)
  • Moo! Wrapper (2)
  • NFS@Home (1)
  • NumberFields@home (2)
  • ODLK (2)
  • ODLK1 (2)
  • Rosetta@home (2)
  • Universe@home (3)
  • World Community Grid (1)
  • YAFU (2)

(2) outdated Android instructions (we don't use Google or Amazon app stores anymore)

(3) has nice pictures showing install/register

Projects using Ancient attach

  • Amicable numbers
  • Gerasim@Home
  • PrimeGrid (1)
  • Radioactive@home (1)
  • RNA World (1)
  • SRBase (1)
  • Yoyo@home (1)

No response:


Account managers using Simple Attach

  • Science United

Account managers using Old attach

  • BAM!
  • GridRepublic (4,5)
  • Charity Engine (5)

(4) has very old project list

(5) refers to 'BOINC account'. Ambiguous/confusing.

Not sure:


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