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Bug when editing BP Album activity items from the Activity dashboard. #1

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Just a heads up to a bug I found in BuddyPress/ BP Media when editing activity items from the backend of WP.

When you upadte/ edit a BP Album activity item, the formatting on the stream goes out.

It's all to do with registering activity items early enough.

Here's the link to my original BuddyPressTRAC ticket with screencast:

You'll see r-a-y has a patch to fix the BB Press issue, which will be a very similar patch for BP Media I'm guessing.

Here's the BBPress patch:

Let me know what you guys think.

The screencast shows the bug with BBPress but BP Media suffers the same with its activity items after editing.

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In progress.

BP-Media Team member

Based on our testing, this is an internal problem with BuddyPress.

The call chain is as follows:

bpa.core.php, line 734: bp_album_record_activity()
bpa.core.php, line 789: bp_activity_add() which point we hand off to BuddyPress.


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Hi foxly,

The BP Activity dashboard relies on activity actions being registered with BP.

Looking at bpa.core.php, I couldn't find any reference to BP Album registering any activity actions.

FYI, as a point of reference, bbPress does it here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Update - Also check out my post on the BP ticket for further info:

BP-Media Team member

Thanks for the tip.

So what that means is, we now need to hook into a new action for compatibility with the BP activity editor screen?

@foxly foxly reopened this

So what that means is, we now need to hook into a new action for compatibility with the BP activity editor screen?

Yes, that's right at least in the current codebase.

Something to the effect of the following in bpa.core.php should work:

 * bp_album_register_activity_actions()
 * Registers BP-Album's activity actions with BuddyPress.
 * Needed for validation on the Activity dashboard screen in the WP admin area.
 * @version x
 * @since x
function bp_album_register_activity_actions() {
    global $bp;

    bp_activity_set_action( $bp->album->id, 'bp_album_picture', __( 'New picture uploaded', 'bp-album' ) );
    // register any additional activity actions here
add_action( 'bp_register_activity_actions', 'bp_album_register_activity_actions' );

To see if that worked, do a dump of $bp->activity->actions at a late hook like 'get_header'.

@rossagrant can also help with testing to see if this code snippet works.

Let me know if that addresses things.


Yep, I'll gladly help if you want me to try anything out. When you know exactly what code you want to try, let me know where to paste it and I'll test it all out.

BP-Media Team member

Allright, I'll start the build on this in 3 or 4 hours. It's so awesome when everyone teams up on defects like this. I probably wouldn't have caught this one on my own ... :)

BP-Media Team member

@rossagrant Would you be able to reopen your ticket on this repository

Bp-Album is being shifted over to it.


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