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This project is for banana-pi W2 board, including U-boot 2015.7 and Linux Kernel 4.9.119.

How to build both U-boot and Linux kernel

Get the docker image from Sinovoip Docker Hub , Build the source code with this docker image to avoid environment issues.

  1. Clone this code to a host PC on which the Ubuntu 16.04 is installed
  2. Run script
  1. Select 1 to build both uboot and kernel
  2. Both new uboot and kernel will be generated in folder SD when it completes

How to update both u-boot and Linux kernel

If you don't have tools for banana-pi products, please run below commands to install them:

apt-get install pv
curl -sL | sudo -E bash
  1. Install SD card to this host PC, please ensure image(Ubuntu, Debian, ...) is installed on this SD card
  2. Enter folder SD which is generated after building
  3. Run below command to update u-boot and Linux kernel
bpi-update -c bpi-w2.conf -d /dev/sdX
bpi-update -d /dev/sdX

and update u-boot (if changed or first time)

bpi-bootsel 100MB/BPI-W2-720P-2k.img.gz /dev/sdX
  1. After it completes, move SD to W2 board
  2. Press power button to activate this board

How to install images on SD card

  1. Downloading image for W2 board from
  2. Running below command to burn this image to SD card which must be larger than 8GB
bpi-copy <image file> /dev/sd<drive letter>

Example: bpi-copy ubuntu.img /dev/sdf
  1. Install this SD to W2 board
  2. Press power button a few seconds to activate this board. The default baud rate of serial port is 115200, the default username/password are root/bananapi