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EmailSender Library

EmailSender is an easy to use library to send email based on Net::SMTP. It supports the well-known encryption and authentication methods, and you can use it very easily with Gmail account.

require 'email_sender'

mailer = EmailSender.new(server: "smtp.mail.com", from: "sender@mail.com")
mailer.send(to: "receiver@mail.com", subject: "Test mail", content: "This is a test mail.")


You can specify the connection parameters to SMTP server at initialization:

# simple connection
mailer = EmailSender.new(server: "smtp.mail.com", from: "Sender Name <sender@mail.com>")

# encripted and authenticated connection
mailer = EmailSender.new(server: "smtp.mail.com", from: "Sender Name <sender@mail.com>",
                         enctype: :ssl_tls, authtype: :plain, username: "user.name", password: "secret")

Easier way to using Gmail account:

# minimal configuration
mailer = EmailSender.new_gmail(username: "user.name", password: "secret")
mailer = EmailSender.new_gmail(from: "user.name", password: "secret")

# with full sender name
mailer = EmailSender.new_gmail(from: "Sender Name <user.name@gmail.com>", password: "secret")

# with another sender email address and another domain (not gmail.com) account
mailer = EmailSender.new_gmail(from: "Sender Name <sender@othermail.com>",
                               username: "user.name@company.com", password: "secret")

You can modify easily the parameters of mailer object:

mailer = EmailSender.new(server: "smtp.mail.com", from: "sender@mail.com")

# modify parameters
mailer.renew(server: "smtp.mail.com", from: "Sender Name <sender@mail.com>")

# modify parameters to a Gmail account
mailer.renew_gmail(from: "Sender Name <user.name@gmail.com>", password: "secret")

Send the mail to the :to, :cc and :bcc addresses with attachment:

mailer.send(to: "Receiver Name <receiver@mail.com>", subject: "Test mail",
            content: "This is a test mail.", attachment: "/path/to/file")

The :to, :cc and :bcc keys accept an email address array so you can send the message to many receivers. And the :attachment key accepts also file path array so you can attach more file:

mailer.send(to: ["Receiver Name 1 <receiver1@mail.com>", "Receiver Name 2 <receiver2@mail.com>"],
            cc: ["Receiver Name 3 <receiver3@mail.com>", "Receiver Name 4 <receiver4@mail.com>"],
            bcc: [receiver5@mail.com, "receiver6@mail.com", "receiver7@mail.com"],
            subject: "Test mail", content: "This is a test mail.",
            attachment: ["/path/to/file1", "/path/to/file2", "/path/to/file3"])

If there are not specified the :to, :cc and :bcc addresses on sending use the initialized default addresses:

# create a mailer with default addresses
mailer = EmailSender.new(server: "smtp.mail.com", from: "Sender Name <user.name@gmail.com>",
                         to: "Receiver Name 1 <receiver1@mail.com>",
                         cc: ["Receiver Name 2 <receiver2@mail.com>", "Receiver Name 3 <receiver3@mail.com>"])

# send email to the default addresses
mailer.send(subject: "Test mail", content: "This is a test mail.")

You can specify the content type which is +'text/plain'+ by default:

mailer.send(to: "Receiver Name <receiver@mail.com>", subject: "The Ruby programming language",
            content: "<img src='http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/73/Ruby_logo.svg'/>",
            conttype: "text/html")

The library has implemented threadsafe and support the character encoded messages.


gem install email_sender


ruby1.9.1 or greater


Copyright (C) 2012 Peter Bakonyi

EmailSender is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3.0 as published by the Free Software Foundation.