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Vim configuration

Generic tips

cr stands for Carriage Return (Enter)

In insert mode you can use Ctrl-P to auto-complete text.

J joins the line below with the current one, e.g. this is<cursor>\n2 lines becomes this is 2 lines

Semicolon ; is an alias for : so you don't need to do Shift-:

Use Ctrl-^ to switch back to the previous file in that window. Works well if you use the explorer to find/edit a file then want to go back to the explorer.



Ctrl-G s: Run git status Ctrl-G c: Run git commit Ctrl-G b: Run git blame Ctrl-G l: Run git lg Ctrl-G g: Open the current file in github Ctrl-G p: Run git push


An awesome fuzzy file finder.

Ctrl-P: Open the fuzzy finder, start typing to search.

When open use Ctrl-t to open the selected file in a new tab, or Enter to open in the currently highlighted buffer.


A better grep

Ctrl-A And then type to search in the current directory

Local vimrc

Put a _vimrc_local.vim in the project root and this plugin will load it whenever you open a file in that project.


set wildignore+=*/app/cache/*,*/app/log/*
let g:ctrlp_working_path_mode = 0
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