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" showmarks
let g:showmarks_enable = 0 " disabled by default by populardemand ;)
hi! link ShowMarksHLl LineNr
hi! link ShowMarksHLu LineNr
hi! link ShowMarksHLo LineNr
hi! link ShowMarksHLm LineNr
" syntastic
let g:syntastic_enable_signs=1
let g:syntastic_auto_loc_list=1
" delimitMate
let g:delimitMate_expand_space = 1
let g:delimitMate_expand_cr = 1
" nerdtree
" Ctrl-P to Display the file browser tree
nmap <C-P> :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
" ,p to show current file in the tree
nmap <leader>p :NERDTreeFind<CR>
" nerdcommenter
" ,/ to invert comment on the current line/selection
nmap <leader>/ :call NERDComment(0, "invert")<cr>
vmap <leader>/ :call NERDComment(0, "invert")<cr>
" ,t to show tags window
let Tlist_Show_Menu=1
nmap <leader>t :TlistToggle<CR>
" sessionman
nmap <leader>S :SessionList<CR>
nmap <leader>SS :SessionSave<CR>
nmap <leader>SA :SessionSaveAs<CR>
" minibufexpl
let g:miniBufExplVSplit = 25
let g:miniBufExplorerMoreThanOne = 100
let g:miniBufExplUseSingleClick = 1
" ,b to display current buffers list
nmap <Leader>b :MiniBufExplorer<cr>
let g:Conque_Read_Timeout = 50 " timeout for waiting for command output.
let g:Conque_TERM = 'xterm'
" ,sh shell window
nmap <Leader>sh :ConqueSplit bash<cr>
" ,r run command
nmap <Leader>R :ConqueSplit
" yankring
let g:yankring_replace_n_pkey = '<leader>['
let g:yankring_replace_n_nkey = '<leader>]'
" ,y to show the yankring
nmap <leader>y :YRShow<cr>
" rails
" completing Rails hangs a lot
"let g:rubycomplete_rails = 1
" command-t
nmap <unique> <silent> <Leader><Leader> :CommandT<CR>
nmap <unique> <silent> <Leader><Leader><Leader> :CommandTFlush<CR>:CommandT<CR>
let g:CommandTMatchWindowAtTop=1
" Fugitive
" ,e for Ggrep
nmap <leader>g :Ggrep
" // for global git serach for word under the cursor (with highlight)
nmap // :let @/="\\<<C-R><C-W>\\>"<CR>:set hls<CR>:silent Ggrep -w "<C-R><C-W>"<CR>:ccl<CR>:cw<CR><CR>
" same in visual mode
:vmap // y:let @/=escape(@", '\\[]$^*.')<CR>:set hls<CR>:silent Ggrep -F "<C-R>=escape(@", '\\"#')<CR>"<CR>:ccl<CR>:cw<CR><CR>
" Ack
" ,a for Ack
nmap <leader>k :Ack
" vim-indentobject
" add Markdown to the list of indentation based languages
let g:indentobject_meaningful_indentation = ["haml", "sass", "python", "yaml", "markdown"]