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Puppet module to manage php (Apache, CLI, FPM)
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puppet-php is a puppet module to manage PHP on your systems. You can manage the CLI, Apache and FPM version of PHP.

How to use


include php


include php::apache2


include php::fpm

Install additional modules and use the config from package

    php::module { "snmp": 
        notify  => [ Class["php::fpm::service"], Service["apache"], ],

This will install the PHP SNMP module and notifies FPM and Apache about the change. You are also able to set require => Foo["Bar"] if you need anything else, like sources lists before.

Install a module and use a file from puppet server for the config

    php::module { "snmp":
        source => "puppet:///files/php/conf.d/",
        notify => Class["php::fpm::service"],

Install a module and use a template for the config

    php::module { "snmp":
        content => "php/conf.d/",
        notify  => Service["apache"],

Additional config snippets

    php::conf { "global":
        source => "puppet:///files/php/global.ini",

Extra config (e.g. browscap)

    php::extra { "lite_php_browscap":
        source  => "puppet:///files/php/extra/lite_php_browscap.ini",
        require => Php::Conf["browscap"],
        notify  => Class["php::fpm::service"],

Config files

If a module needs some configuration, you have 3 different options to place this file on the target system.

  1. Config comes with the package: Puppet should leave the file as-is

  2. Copy a file from the puppet fileserver to the target system

  3. Use a template

1. Config inside package

There is nothing special. Just use php::module, php:conf or php:extra and do not specify a source or content.

2. File from puppet fileserver

The parameter for 'source =>' must be a directory with a trailing slash. The file must be named after the resource.

Example: php::module['xdebug'] source => 'puppet:///files/php/conf.d/' Real source value: 'puppet:///files/php/conf.d/xdebug.ini'

This enables you to use the following:

    php::module { [ "xdebug", "suhosin", ]:
        source  => "puppet:///files/php/conf.d/",
        require => Apt::Sources_list["kwick-php53"],
        notify  => Class["php::fpm::service"],

3. Use a template

The same as in 2. is valid.

For more informations, see EXAMPLE

Service Notification

You can define which services to notify by setting 'notify =>' on every resource. You are able to use a module, which will trigger a notify of apache, but not of fpm. Or no notify at all, because you are using this module only in CLI.


  • php::apache2 requires apache module


  • php::apache2 and php::fpm both install CLI version


  • Manage FPM configuration (global settings)
  • Test php::apache2, everything else should work
  • Document the usage of php::fpm::pool
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