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AuTe Framework - Auto Test Framework


Name Description
atf-application AuTe Framework application
atf-wiremock Wiremock application
atf-executor Test execution logic
atf-commons Common components for all projects
atf-application-ui Frontend for AuTe Framework
atf-wiremock-ui Frontend for Wiremock


  • JDK 1.8
  • Apache Maven 3
  • NodeJS
  • npm

Build and run AuTe Framework

  1. Clone project
  2. Build project with install nodeJS packages mvn clean package -P npm-install
  3. Create a working directory for application
  4. Place in working directory:
  5. Run in working directory java -Dloader.path=lib/ -jar atf-application-version.jar or use run script

env.yml description

  • projectsDirectoryPath - path to tests repository
  • historyLimit - number of stored test runs in history
  • mqCheckCount - check count of mqRequests
  • mqCheckInterval - interval in milliseconds between checks
  • projectStandMap:
      • serviceUrl - URL of the application under test
      • dataBase:
        • url - URL to database
        • user - database user
        • password - database password
      • wireMockUrl - wiremock URL
    • PROJECT_CODE_2: ...

Build and run Wiremock

  1. Clone project
  2. Build project with install nodeJS packages mvn clean package -P npm-install
  3. Create working directory
  4. Place in working directory:
    • atf-wiremock-version.jar
    • create file
    • create wiremock mappings configuration file
  5. Run in working directory java -Dloader.path=lib/ -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar atf-wiremock-version.jar file description

Property Description
server.port application run port
logging.file log file name
mq.manager JMS provider name JMS host
mq.port JMS port
mq.username JMS username
mq.password JSM password
properties.yaml.file Wiremock mappings configuration file name

Wiremock mappings configuration file description

Wiremock mapping configuration file has json format.

Property Description
id mock's id
request mock's request patter
request.url JMS provider name
request.method JMS host
request.headers JMS port
request.bodyPatterns JMS username
response mock's response
response.status response status
response.body response body
response.headers response headers
uuid mock's uuid

Run AuTe Framework in Docker

  1. Build docker images with command mvn clean package -P docker or use existed images from DockerHub
  2. Copy docker-compose.yml.sample to your local machine and rename it to docker-compose.yml
  3. Modify image tags, volumes and ports if needed in local docker-compose.yml
  4. Change projectsDirectoryPath in your env.yml to /app/repository/<AT_directory>
  5. Run containers with command docker-compose up to run both ATF and Wiremock applications or docker-compose up atf to run ATF only
  6. Go to http://localhost:8080 to check running ATF application

IBM MQ mocking

For mocking IBM MQ you have to find and download

  • jms.jar and put it in /lib folder or another. You can find ibm libs in fix pack Fix Pack for WebSphere MQ v8 or copy it from installed IBM product. You have to put these libs in application classpath for atf-application and for atf-wiremock.


Application may be slow if not set properties:

mqCheckCount: 3 mqCheckInterval: 1000

in file env.yml