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Arduino core for BSFrance AVR boards
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This core will allow you to use BSFrance AVR based boards with the Arduino ecosystem.

How to install

At first drivers for the usb-serial (VCP, Virtual Com Port) has to be installed. This applies to Windows only, Mac OSX and Linux users wont have to install drivers (in most cases).

  • Plug the board to USB and proceed with the driver setup. Then Core files can be installed:

  • Download and unzip this repository to Documents / Arduino / hardware folder. Note : Documents / Arduino is the default location, if you use another location principle is still the same. If you dont have any Hardware folder in Documents / Arduino create it and unzip the BSFrance repository in it. If you already have a BSFrance folder you can directly drop the STM32 folder in it.

  • Launch Arduino IDE, select BSFrance LoRa32u4 / LoRa32u4II boards in the Tool / board menu, select the correct serial port in the Tool / port menu. Your board is now ready to use with Arduino IDE.

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