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Eclipse Scout - Docs

This Repository is part of the Eclipse Scout project. It contains the source of the documentation items and some demo applications created with the framework. The documentation is published on GitHub pages and you can also find the Eclipse Scout User Guide in the Eclipse Help Center.

Eclipse Scout is a mature and open framework for modern, service oriented business applications. The framework is based on Java/HTML5.

Eclipse Scout is built to

  • Support the implementation of sustainable business applications

  • Boosts developer productivity

  • Make it simple to learn

Organisation of this Repository

  • docs folder: contains the documentation source, read more,

  • code folder: contains demo applications (code snippets in the documentation items are extracted from this code base during the build)

This repository follows the same git branching policy as the other eclipse scout repositories.


The documentation items are built with maven: check the README of the docs folder.

The demo applications are built with maven: check the README of the code folder.

Issue tracker

This project do not use the GitHub issue tracker but the Bugzilla instance hosted by the Eclipse Fundation.

How to contribute

We welcome any kind of contributions (Bug report, contribution, pull request…​). Please read the Eclipse Scout Contribution page to know more about it.

The "Eclipse Scout Docs" project accepts normal GitHub pull requests. Before your contribution can be accepted by the project, you need to create and electronically sign the Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

  1. Log in at and enter your GitHub user name in the account settings.

  2. Submit the CLA at

  3. Sign off all commits of your contribution (git commit -s).

All pull requests are subject to two automated checks: ip-validation verifies the CLA and sign-off status.

Get in Touch

To get in touch with the Eclipse Scout community, please open a thread in the Eclipse Scout Forum or send a mail to our mailing list: