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Vino's Tool Box -- stb-style public domain libraries

This code is in the public domain. No warranty is offered or implied. Use this code at your own risk. "Public domain" means that I make no legal claim to this code, and it is under no copyright, and you can do anything you want to do with it.

library category description
vtb.h misc Helper utilities and preproc defines commonly used in large projects
vtb_alloc_ring.h memory A no-copy variable-allocation-size contiguous-memory ring allocator
vtb_hash.h utility A fast hash function for hash tables and integrity checking

The inspiration for these libraries is the stb libraries. Sean Barrett, who wrote the stb libraries, delivered a talk on why code reuse is important, which you can see here: That talk was the primary motivation for starting my own libraries.

I welcome any contributions to vtb, so long as you agree that your contributions will also be placed in the public domain.