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BSidesPDX CTF 2017
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BSidesPDX CTF 2017

Challenges built by: TTimzen & pwnpnw

Infrastructure support provided by: yalam96, andrewkrug, CornflakeSavage.

Infrastructure: Bsides-Infra


Challenge Name Category Points Port
DoNotTrek Web 100 5000
SeaQuell Web 200 8000
MakeIcon v20.16.37.17 Web 300 80
Monolith Web 400 5001
Tiny Thumb Shellcode 100 31337
MOV On Shellcode 200 35264
UniMIPS Shellcode 300 41414
DasRücklauf Shellcode 400 5050
Cookies Pwn 100 53000
leek Pwn 200 2007
nodes Pwn 300 4321
2048 Pwn 400 2048
xordoz Reversing 100 NA
lostIT Reversing 200 NA
dotp33k Reversing 300 NA
2ez400 Reversing 400 NA

All flags are in "/flag"

Local Deployment

To locally test, deploy or play challenges with Docker, run the following (Ubuntu)

  1. sudo apt install gcc-multilib gcc-mipsel-linux-gnu gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi g++-multilib linux-libc-dev:i386
  2. make
  3. docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d
  4. Containers are viewable at localhost:PORT (view with docker-compose ps)
  5. docker-compose kill to stop the containers
  6. make clean to clean the source folders


You can also deploy via GCP and run the challenges in k8s. All of this is in category/challenge/Makefile to deploy.


CTF was ran during BSidesPDX 2017 on October 20th and 21st.

We used CTFd for the scoreboard hosted at

category/challenge/aws/Makefile was used to deploy to a k8s pod in AWS. We had intended to use the GCP deployment and moved to this by creating our own cluster with the help from the above infra supporters.

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