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BSidesPDX CTF 2018


CTF was ran during BSidesPDX 2018 on October 26th and 27th.

We used CTFd for the scoreboard hosted at

Challenges built by: TTimzen, fdcarl, aagallag, dade & arinerron

Infrastructure support provided by Mozilla: Jeff Bryner, Andrew Krug and Daniel Hartnell


Challenge Name Category Points Port
capture forensics 100 N/A
hidden forensics 200 N/A
mic forensics 300 N/A
goxor pwn/re 100 N/A
secureshell pwn/re 200 7100
pwnclub pwn/re 300 31337
leaky projects OSINT 100 N/A
leaky secrets OSINT 200 N/A
leaky security OSINT 300 N/A
death_by_1000_curls web 100 43478
Dodona web 200 4738
Trollsec web 300 10101

Local Deployment

To locally test, deploy or play challenges with Docker, run the following (Ubuntu)

  1. sudo apt install gcc-multilib gcc-mipsel-linux-gnu gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi g++-multilib linux-libc-dev:i386
  2. make
  3. docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d
  4. Containers are viewable at localhost:PORT (view with docker-compose ps)
  5. docker-compose kill to stop the containers
  6. make clean to clean the source folders

Cloud Deployment

This year we ran all of our challenges in k8s using the Makefile and yamls in the aws directory of pwn-re 100, 200 and all web challenges.

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