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Challenges for the 2017 BSidesSF CTF

Built by @iagox86, @itsC0rg1, @bmenrigh, @matir, @CornflakeSavage

Running the challenges locally

You can run all the challengs locally with docker.

docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d

Challenges will be available at http://localhost:PORT HTTP-based challenges start at port 8000, tcp challenges start at port 9000

If you are not familiar with docker, two options for installing docker are described at the bottom of this document.


On-site challenges are marked with *

Challenge Name Category Points
easyauth Web 30
zumbo 1 Web 20
zumbo 2 Web 100
zumboa 3 Web 250
Delphi Status Crypto/Web 250
the-year-2000 Web 100
Easy Reversing 10
Skipper Reversing 75
Skipper2 Reversing 200
Disarming Reversing 400
Flag Receiver Mobile/Reversing 200
Pinlock Mobile/Reversing 150
EasyArm Reversing 150
Steel Mountain: Sensors Pwn 150
SteelMountain: Setpoint Pwn 350
bytme Pwn 200
hashecute Pwn 100
b-64-b-tuff Pwn 100
Nibbler Pwn/Programming 666
Easyshell Pwn 30
Easyshell64 Pwn 30
i-am-the-shortest Pwn 200
beez-fight Misc 350
NOP Misc 20
*Locker Misc 150
*On-sight Misc 1
dnscap Forensics 500
easypcap Forensics 40
ximage Forensics 300
hex-ray Forensics 250
matroyshka Forensics 666
shattered Forensics 200
Latlong Forensics 150
in-plain-sight Crypto 100
[]root Crypto 250
vhash Crypto 450
vhash-fixed Crypto 450
*Shared Secrets Crypto 250

Challenges not included in this repository (mostly trivia questions)

Challenge Name Category Points
Hackers Misc 1
Ancient Hop Grain Juice Misc 1
Way Before Nirvana Misc 10
The Wrong Cipher Misc 1
The Right Cipher Misc 1
Let's play a game Misc 1
Quote Misc 1
Critical Infrastructure Misc 20

Running the containers in a Vagrant VM (recommended for Linux)

This repo has a VM that allows you to run the docker containers. To get started:

  1. Install Virtualbox and vagrant
  2. In your clone of this repo run vagrant up. This will create the VM, and install docker in it.
  3. vagrant ssh to ssh into the VM.
  4. cd /vagrant (all files from the local directory are mounted into the vm in /vagrant)
  5. To start the containers docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d
  6. You can now view the containers at
  7. docker-compose kill to stop the containers

Running the containers with Docker (Recommended for OSX and Windows)

  1. Install docker and docker-compose on your machine however you choose (for OSX and windows docker has a nice standalone package)
  2. In this repo docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d
  3. View the containers at http://localhost:PORT_NUM
  4. Stop with docker-compose kill


Here be dragons! Most of the CTF infrastructure was run on kubernetes. While it certainly made deploying and maintaining our challenges simple, there are many reasons why docker and kubernetes might not be a good choice for CTF challenges.

We wrote a blog post about some potential security issues when using this platform, one of these issues is unfixed in this repository. Please take a look before reusing the infrastructure configs as-is.

Any questions? Feel free to open an issue or reach out on twitter.


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