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6635???? xor ax,0x????
34?? xor al,0x??
35???????? xor eax,0x????????
3235???????? xor dh,[dword 0x????????]
3335???????? xor esi,[dword 0x????????]
6A?? push byte +0x??
6668???? push word 0x????
68???????? push dword 0x????????
41 inc ecx
42 inc edx
43 inc ebx
44 inc esp
45 inc ebp
46 inc esi
47 inc edi
48 dec eax
49 dec ecx
4A dec edx
4B dec ebx
4C dec esp
4D dec ebp
4E dec esi
4F dec edi
50 push eax
51 push ecx
52 push edx
53 push ebx
54 push esp
55 push ebp
56 push esi
57 push edi
58 pop eax
59 pop ecx
5A pop edx
61 popad
3151?? xor [ecx+0x??],edx
3156?? xor [esi+0x??],edx
70?? jo 0x??
71?? jno 0x??
72?? jc 0x??
73?? jnc 0x??
74?? jz 0x??
75?? jnz 0x??
76?? jna 0x??
77?? ja 0x??
78?? js 0x??
79?? jns 0x??
7A?? jpe 0x??
6641 inc cx
6642 inc dx
6643 inc bx
6644 inc sp
6645 inc bp
6646 inc si
6647 inc di
6648 dec ax
6649 dec cx
664A dec dx
664B dec bx
664C dec sp
664D dec bp
664E dec si
664F dec di
6650 push ax
6651 push cx
6652 push dx
6653 push bx
6654 push sp
6655 push bp
6656 push si
6657 push di
6658 pop ax
6659 pop cx
665A pop dx
6661 popaw
6666?? xchg ax,ax
6667?? xchg ax,ax
2B2B sub ebp,[ebx]
2B2F sub ebp,[edi]
2B30 sub esi,[eax]
2B31 sub esi,[ecx]
2B32 sub esi,[edx]
2B33 sub esi,[ebx]
2B34?? sub esi,[eax+edx*4]
2B35???????? sub esi,[dword 0x????????] - Absolute address
2B36 sub esi,[esi]
2B37 sub esi,[edi]
2B38 sub edi,[eax]
2B39 sub edi,[ecx]
2B41?? sub eax,[ecx+0x??]
2B42?? sub eax,[edx+0x??]
2B43?? sub eax,[ebx+0x??]
2B44???? sub eax,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
2B45?? sub eax,[ebp+0x??]
2B46?? sub eax,[esi+0x??]
2B47?? sub eax,[edi+0x??]
2B48?? sub ecx,[eax+0x??]
2B49?? sub ecx,[ecx+0x??]
2B4A?? sub ecx,[edx+0x??]
2B4B?? sub ecx,[ebx+0x??]
2B4C???? sub ecx,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
2B4D?? sub ecx,[ebp+0x??]
2B4E?? sub ecx,[esi+0x??]
2B4F?? sub ecx,[edi+0x??]
2B50?? sub edx,[eax+0x??]
2B51?? sub edx,[ecx+0x??]
2B52?? sub edx,[edx+0x??]
2B53?? sub edx,[ebx+0x??]
2B54???? sub edx,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
2B55?? sub edx,[ebp+0x??]
2B56?? sub edx,[esi+0x??]
2B57?? sub edx,[edi+0x??]
2B58?? sub ebx,[eax+0x??]
2B59?? sub ebx,[ecx+0x??]
2B5A?? sub ebx,[edx+0x??]
2B61?? sub esp,[ecx+0x??]
2B62?? sub esp,[edx+0x??]
2B63?? sub esp,[ebx+0x??]
2B64???? sub esp,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
2B65?? sub esp,[ebp+0x??]
2B66?? sub esp,[esi+0x??]
2B67?? sub esp,[edi+0x??]
2B68?? sub ebp,[eax+0x??]
2B69?? sub ebp,[ecx+0x??]
2B6A?? sub ebp,[edx+0x??]
2B6B?? sub ebp,[ebx+0x??]
2B6C???? sub ebp,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
2B6D?? sub ebp,[ebp+0x??]
2B6E?? sub ebp,[esi+0x??]
2B6F?? sub ebp,[edi+0x??]
2B70?? sub esi,[eax+0x??]
2B71?? sub esi,[ecx+0x??]
2B72?? sub esi,[edx+0x??]
2B73?? sub esi,[ebx+0x??]
2B74???? sub esi,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
2B75?? sub esi,[ebp+0x??]
2B76?? sub esi,[esi+0x??]
2B77?? sub esi,[edi+0x??]
2B78?? sub edi,[eax+0x??]
2B79?? sub edi,[ecx+0x??]
2B7A?? sub edi,[edx+0x??]
2B?????????? sub edx,[eax+0x????????]
302B xor [ebx],ch
302F xor [edi],ch
3030 xor [eax],dh
3031 xor [ecx],dh
3032 xor [edx],dh
3033 xor [ebx],dh
3034?? xor [eax+edx*4],dh
3036 xor [esi],dh
3037 xor [edi],dh
3038 xor [eax],bh
3039 xor [ecx],bh
3041?? xor [ecx+0x??],al
3042?? xor [edx+0x??],al
3043?? xor [ebx+0x??],al
3044???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],al
3045?? xor [ebp+0x??],al
3046?? xor [esi+0x??],al
3047?? xor [edi+0x??],al
3048?? xor [eax+0x??],cl
3049?? xor [ecx+0x??],cl
304A?? xor [edx+0x??],cl
304B?? xor [ebx+0x??],cl
304C???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],cl
304D?? xor [ebp+0x??],cl
304E?? xor [esi+0x??],cl
304F?? xor [edi+0x??],cl
3050?? xor [eax+0x??],dl
3051?? xor [ecx+0x??],dl
3052?? xor [edx+0x??],dl
3053?? xor [ebx+0x??],dl
3054???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],dl
3055?? xor [ebp+0x??],dl
3056?? xor [esi+0x??],dl
3057?? xor [edi+0x??],dl
3058?? xor [eax+0x??],bl
3059?? xor [ecx+0x??],bl
305A?? xor [edx+0x??],bl
3061?? xor [ecx+0x??],ah
3062?? xor [edx+0x??],ah
3063?? xor [ebx+0x??],ah
3064???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],ah
3065?? xor [ebp+0x??],ah
3066?? xor [esi+0x??],ah
3067?? xor [edi+0x??],ah
3068?? xor [eax+0x??],ch
3069?? xor [ecx+0x??],ch
306A?? xor [edx+0x??],ch
306B?? xor [ebx+0x??],ch
306C???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],ch
306D?? xor [ebp+0x??],ch
306E?? xor [esi+0x??],ch
306F?? xor [edi+0x??],ch
3070?? xor [eax+0x??],dh
3071?? xor [ecx+0x??],dh
3072?? xor [edx+0x??],dh
3073?? xor [ebx+0x??],dh
3074???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],dh
3075?? xor [ebp+0x??],dh
3076?? xor [esi+0x??],dh
3077?? xor [edi+0x??],dh
3078?? xor [eax+0x??],bh
3079?? xor [ecx+0x??],bh
307A?? xor [edx+0x??],bh
30?????????? xor [eax+0x????????],dl
312B xor [ebx],ebp
312F xor [edi],ebp
3130 xor [eax],esi
3131 xor [ecx],esi
3132 xor [edx],esi
3133 xor [ebx],esi
3134?? xor [eax+edx*4],esi
3136 xor [esi],esi
3137 xor [edi],esi
3138 xor [eax],edi
3139 xor [ecx],edi
3141?? xor [ecx+0x??],eax
3142?? xor [edx+0x??],eax
3143?? xor [ebx+0x??],eax
3144???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],eax
3145?? xor [ebp+0x??],eax
3146?? xor [esi+0x??],eax
3147?? xor [edi+0x??],eax
3148?? xor [eax+0x??],ecx
3149?? xor [ecx+0x??],ecx
314A?? xor [edx+0x??],ecx
314B?? xor [ebx+0x??],ecx
314C???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],ecx
314D?? xor [ebp+0x??],ecx
314E?? xor [esi+0x??],ecx
314F?? xor [edi+0x??],ecx
3150?? xor [eax+0x??],edx
3151?? xor [ecx+0x??],edx
3152?? xor [edx+0x??],edx
3153?? xor [ebx+0x??],edx
3154???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],edx
3155?? xor [ebp+0x??],edx
3156?? xor [esi+0x??],edx
3157?? xor [edi+0x??],edx
3158?? xor [eax+0x??],ebx
3159?? xor [ecx+0x??],ebx
315A?? xor [edx+0x??],ebx
3161?? xor [ecx+0x??],esp
3162?? xor [edx+0x??],esp
3163?? xor [ebx+0x??],esp
3164???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],esp
3165?? xor [ebp+0x??],esp
3166?? xor [esi+0x??],esp
3167?? xor [edi+0x??],esp
3168?? xor [eax+0x??],ebp
3169?? xor [ecx+0x??],ebp
316A?? xor [edx+0x??],ebp
316B?? xor [ebx+0x??],ebp
316C???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],ebp
316D?? xor [ebp+0x??],ebp
316E?? xor [esi+0x??],ebp
316F?? xor [edi+0x??],ebp
3170?? xor [eax+0x??],esi
3171?? xor [ecx+0x??],esi
3172?? xor [edx+0x??],esi
3173?? xor [ebx+0x??],esi
3174???? xor [eax+edx*4+0x??],esi
3175?? xor [ebp+0x??],esi
3176?? xor [esi+0x??],esi
3177?? xor [edi+0x??],esi
3178?? xor [eax+0x??],edi
3179?? xor [ecx+0x??],edi
317A?? xor [edx+0x??],edi
31?????????? xor [eax+0x????????],edx
322B xor ch,[ebx]
322F xor ch,[edi]
3230 xor dh,[eax]
3231 xor dh,[ecx]
3232 xor dh,[edx]
3233 xor dh,[ebx]
3234?? xor dh,[eax+edx*4]
3236 xor dh,[esi]
3237 xor dh,[edi]
3238 xor bh,[eax]
3239 xor bh,[ecx]
3241?? xor al,[ecx+0x??]
3242?? xor al,[edx+0x??]
3243?? xor al,[ebx+0x??]
3244???? xor al,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3245?? xor al,[ebp+0x??]
3246?? xor al,[esi+0x??]
3247?? xor al,[edi+0x??]
3248?? xor cl,[eax+0x??]
3249?? xor cl,[ecx+0x??]
324A?? xor cl,[edx+0x??]
324B?? xor cl,[ebx+0x??]
324C???? xor cl,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
324D?? xor cl,[ebp+0x??]
324E?? xor cl,[esi+0x??]
324F?? xor cl,[edi+0x??]
3250?? xor dl,[eax+0x??]
3251?? xor dl,[ecx+0x??]
3252?? xor dl,[edx+0x??]
3253?? xor dl,[ebx+0x??]
3254???? xor dl,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3255?? xor dl,[ebp+0x??]
3256?? xor dl,[esi+0x??]
3257?? xor dl,[edi+0x??]
3258?? xor bl,[eax+0x??]
3259?? xor bl,[ecx+0x??]
325A?? xor bl,[edx+0x??]
3261?? xor ah,[ecx+0x??]
3262?? xor ah,[edx+0x??]
3263?? xor ah,[ebx+0x??]
3264???? xor ah,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3265?? xor ah,[ebp+0x??]
3266?? xor ah,[esi+0x??]
3267?? xor ah,[edi+0x??]
3268?? xor ch,[eax+0x??]
3269?? xor ch,[ecx+0x??]
326A?? xor ch,[edx+0x??]
326B?? xor ch,[ebx+0x??]
326C???? xor ch,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
326D?? xor ch,[ebp+0x??]
326E?? xor ch,[esi+0x??]
326F?? xor ch,[edi+0x??]
3270?? xor dh,[eax+0x??]
3271?? xor dh,[ecx+0x??]
3272?? xor dh,[edx+0x??]
3273?? xor dh,[ebx+0x??]
3274???? xor dh,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3275?? xor dh,[ebp+0x??]
3276?? xor dh,[esi+0x??]
3277?? xor dh,[edi+0x??]
3278?? xor bh,[eax+0x??]
3279?? xor bh,[ecx+0x??]
327A?? xor bh,[edx+0x??]
32?????????? xor dl,[eax+0x????????]
332B xor ebp,[ebx]
332F xor ebp,[edi]
3330 xor esi,[eax]
3331 xor esi,[ecx]
3332 xor esi,[edx]
3333 xor esi,[ebx]
3334?? xor esi,[eax+edx*4]
3336 xor esi,[esi]
3337 xor esi,[edi]
3338 xor edi,[eax]
3339 xor edi,[ecx]
3341?? xor eax,[ecx+0x??]
3342?? xor eax,[edx+0x??]
3343?? xor eax,[ebx+0x??]
3344???? xor eax,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3345?? xor eax,[ebp+0x??]
3346?? xor eax,[esi+0x??]
3347?? xor eax,[edi+0x??]
3348?? xor ecx,[eax+0x??]
3349?? xor ecx,[ecx+0x??]
334A?? xor ecx,[edx+0x??]
334B?? xor ecx,[ebx+0x??]
334C???? xor ecx,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
334D?? xor ecx,[ebp+0x??]
334E?? xor ecx,[esi+0x??]
334F?? xor ecx,[edi+0x??]
3350?? xor edx,[eax+0x??]
3351?? xor edx,[ecx+0x??]
3352?? xor edx,[edx+0x??]
3353?? xor edx,[ebx+0x??]
3354???? xor edx,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3355?? xor edx,[ebp+0x??]
3356?? xor edx,[esi+0x??]
3357?? xor edx,[edi+0x??]
3358?? xor ebx,[eax+0x??]
3359?? xor ebx,[ecx+0x??]
335A?? xor ebx,[edx+0x??]
3361?? xor esp,[ecx+0x??]
3362?? xor esp,[edx+0x??]
3363?? xor esp,[ebx+0x??]
3364???? xor esp,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3365?? xor esp,[ebp+0x??]
3366?? xor esp,[esi+0x??]
3367?? xor esp,[edi+0x??]
3368?? xor ebp,[eax+0x??]
3369?? xor ebp,[ecx+0x??]
336A?? xor ebp,[edx+0x??]
336B?? xor ebp,[ebx+0x??]
336C???? xor ebp,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
336D?? xor ebp,[ebp+0x??]
336E?? xor ebp,[esi+0x??]
336F?? xor ebp,[edi+0x??]
3370?? xor esi,[eax+0x??]
3371?? xor esi,[ecx+0x??]
3372?? xor esi,[edx+0x??]
3373?? xor esi,[ebx+0x??]
3374???? xor esi,[eax+edx*4+0x??]
3375?? xor esi,[ebp+0x??]
3376?? xor esi,[esi+0x??]
3377?? xor esi,[edi+0x??]
3378?? xor edi,[eax+0x??]
3379?? xor edi,[ecx+0x??]
337A?? xor edi,[edx+0x??]
33?????????? xor edx,[eax+0x????????]
382B cmp [ebx],ch
382F cmp [edi],ch
3830 cmp [eax],dh
3831 cmp [ecx],dh
3832 cmp [edx],dh
3833 cmp [ebx],dh
3834?? cmp [eax+edx*4],dh
3835???????? cmp [dword 0x????????],dh
3836 cmp [esi],dh
3837 cmp [edi],dh
3838 cmp [eax],bh
3839 cmp [ecx],bh
3841?? cmp [ecx+0x??],al
3842?? cmp [edx+0x??],al
3843?? cmp [ebx+0x??],al
3844???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],al
3845?? cmp [ebp+0x??],al
3846?? cmp [esi+0x??],al
3847?? cmp [edi+0x??],al
3848?? cmp [eax+0x??],cl
3849?? cmp [ecx+0x??],cl
384A?? cmp [edx+0x??],cl
384B?? cmp [ebx+0x??],cl
384C???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],cl
384D?? cmp [ebp+0x??],cl
384E?? cmp [esi+0x??],cl
384F?? cmp [edi+0x??],cl
3850?? cmp [eax+0x??],dl
3851?? cmp [ecx+0x??],dl
3852?? cmp [edx+0x??],dl
3853?? cmp [ebx+0x??],dl
3854???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],dl
3855?? cmp [ebp+0x??],dl
3856?? cmp [esi+0x??],dl
3857?? cmp [edi+0x??],dl
3858?? cmp [eax+0x??],bl
3859?? cmp [ecx+0x??],bl
385A?? cmp [edx+0x??],bl
3861?? cmp [ecx+0x??],ah
3862?? cmp [edx+0x??],ah
3863?? cmp [ebx+0x??],ah
3864???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],ah
3865?? cmp [ebp+0x??],ah
3866?? cmp [esi+0x??],ah
3867?? cmp [edi+0x??],ah
3868?? cmp [eax+0x??],ch
3869?? cmp [ecx+0x??],ch
386A?? cmp [edx+0x??],ch
386B?? cmp [ebx+0x??],ch
386C???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],ch
386D?? cmp [ebp+0x??],ch
386E?? cmp [esi+0x??],ch
386F?? cmp [edi+0x??],ch
3870?? cmp [eax+0x??],dh
3871?? cmp [ecx+0x??],dh
3872?? cmp [edx+0x??],dh
3873?? cmp [ebx+0x??],dh
3874???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],dh
3875?? cmp [ebp+0x??],dh
3876?? cmp [esi+0x??],dh
3877?? cmp [edi+0x??],dh
3878?? cmp [eax+0x??],bh
3879?? cmp [ecx+0x??],bh
387A?? cmp [edx+0x??],bh
38?????????? cmp [eax+0x????????],dl
392B cmp [ebx],ebp
392F cmp [edi],ebp
3930 cmp [eax],esi
3931 cmp [ecx],esi
3932 cmp [edx],esi
3933 cmp [ebx],esi
3934?? cmp [eax+edx*4],esi
3935???????? cmp [dword 0x????????],esi
3936 cmp [esi],esi
3937 cmp [edi],esi
3938 cmp [eax],edi
3939 cmp [ecx],edi
3941?? cmp [ecx+0x??],eax
3942?? cmp [edx+0x??],eax
3943?? cmp [ebx+0x??],eax
3944???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],eax
3945?? cmp [ebp+0x??],eax
3946?? cmp [esi+0x??],eax
3947?? cmp [edi+0x??],eax
3948?? cmp [eax+0x??],ecx
3949?? cmp [ecx+0x??],ecx
394A?? cmp [edx+0x??],ecx
394B?? cmp [ebx+0x??],ecx
394C???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],ecx
394D?? cmp [ebp+0x??],ecx
394E?? cmp [esi+0x??],ecx
394F?? cmp [edi+0x??],ecx
3950?? cmp [eax+0x??],edx
3951?? cmp [ecx+0x??],edx
3952?? cmp [edx+0x??],edx
3953?? cmp [ebx+0x??],edx
3954???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],edx
3955?? cmp [ebp+0x??],edx
3956?? cmp [esi+0x??],edx
3957?? cmp [edi+0x??],edx
3958?? cmp [eax+0x??],ebx
3959?? cmp [ecx+0x??],ebx
395A?? cmp [edx+0x??],ebx
3961?? cmp [ecx+0x??],esp
3962?? cmp [edx+0x??],esp
3963?? cmp [ebx+0x??],esp
3964???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],esp
3965?? cmp [ebp+0x??],esp
3966?? cmp [esi+0x??],esp
3967?? cmp [edi+0x??],esp
3968?? cmp [eax+0x??],ebp
3969?? cmp [ecx+0x??],ebp
396A?? cmp [edx+0x??],ebp
396B?? cmp [ebx+0x??],ebp
396C???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],ebp
396D?? cmp [ebp+0x??],ebp
396E?? cmp [esi+0x??],ebp
396F?? cmp [edi+0x??],ebp
3970?? cmp [eax+0x??],esi
3971?? cmp [ecx+0x??],esi
3972?? cmp [edx+0x??],esi
3973?? cmp [ebx+0x??],esi
3974???? cmp [eax+edx*4+0x??],esi
3975?? cmp [ebp+0x??],esi
3976?? cmp [esi+0x??],esi
3977?? cmp [edi+0x??],esi
3978?? cmp [eax+0x??],edi
3979?? cmp [ecx+0x??],edi
397A?? cmp [edx+0x??],edi
39?????????? cmp [eax+0x????????],edx
662B?????????? sub dx,[eax+0x????????]
6631?????????? xor [eax+0x????????],dx
6633?????????? xor dx,[eax+0x????????]
6639?????????? cmp [eax+0x????????],dx
6669???????????? imul dx,[eax+0x????????],word 0x????
666B???????????? imul dx,[eax+0x????????],byte +0x??
66?? xchg ax,ax
692B???????? imul ebp,[ebx],dword 0x????????
692F???????? imul ebp,[edi],dword 0x????????
6930???????? imul esi,[eax],dword 0x????????
6931???????? imul esi,[ecx],dword 0x????????
6932???????? imul esi,[edx],dword 0x????????
6933???????? imul esi,[ebx],dword 0x????????
6934?????????? imul esi,[eax+edx*4],dword 0x????????
6935???????????? imul esi,[dword 0x????????],dword 0x????????
6936???????? imul esi,[esi],dword 0x????????
6937???????? imul esi,[edi],dword 0x????????
6938???????? imul edi,[eax],dword 0x????????
6939???????? imul edi,[ecx],dword 0x????????
6941?????????? imul eax,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6942?????????? imul eax,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6943?????????? imul eax,[ebx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6944???????????? imul eax,[eax+edx*4+0x??],dword 0x????????
6945?????????? imul eax,[ebp+0x??],dword 0x????????
6946?????????? imul eax,[esi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6947?????????? imul eax,[edi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6948?????????? imul ecx,[eax+0x??],dword 0x????????
6949?????????? imul ecx,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
694A?????????? imul ecx,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
694B?????????? imul ecx,[ebx+0x??],dword 0x????????
694C???????????? imul ecx,[eax+edx*4+0x??],dword 0x????????
694D?????????? imul ecx,[ebp+0x??],dword 0x????????
694E?????????? imul ecx,[esi+0x??],dword 0x????????
694F?????????? imul ecx,[edi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6950?????????? imul edx,[eax+0x??],dword 0x????????
6951?????????? imul edx,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6952?????????? imul edx,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6953?????????? imul edx,[ebx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6954???????????? imul edx,[eax+edx*4+0x??],dword 0x????????
6955?????????? imul edx,[ebp+0x??],dword 0x????????
6956?????????? imul edx,[esi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6957?????????? imul edx,[edi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6958?????????? imul ebx,[eax+0x??],dword 0x????????
6959?????????? imul ebx,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
695A?????????? imul ebx,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6961?????????? imul esp,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6962?????????? imul esp,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6963?????????? imul esp,[ebx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6964???????????? imul esp,[eax+edx*4+0x??],dword 0x????????
6965?????????? imul esp,[ebp+0x??],dword 0x????????
6966?????????? imul esp,[esi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6967?????????? imul esp,[edi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6968?????????? imul ebp,[eax+0x??],dword 0x????????
6969?????????? imul ebp,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
696A?????????? imul ebp,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
696B?????????? imul ebp,[ebx+0x??],dword 0x????????
696C???????????? imul ebp,[eax+edx*4+0x??],dword 0x????????
696D?????????? imul ebp,[ebp+0x??],dword 0x????????
696E?????????? imul ebp,[esi+0x??],dword 0x????????
696F?????????? imul ebp,[edi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6970?????????? imul esi,[eax+0x??],dword 0x????????
6971?????????? imul esi,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6972?????????? imul esi,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6973?????????? imul esi,[ebx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6974???????????? imul esi,[eax+edx*4+0x??],dword 0x????????
6975?????????? imul esi,[ebp+0x??],dword 0x????????
6976?????????? imul esi,[esi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6977?????????? imul esi,[edi+0x??],dword 0x????????
6978?????????? imul edi,[eax+0x??],dword 0x????????
6979?????????? imul edi,[ecx+0x??],dword 0x????????
697A?????????? imul edi,[edx+0x??],dword 0x????????
6B2B?? imul ebp,[ebx],byte +0x??
6B2F?? imul ebp,[edi],byte +0x??
6B30?? imul esi,[eax],byte +0x??
6B31?? imul esi,[ecx],byte +0x??
6B32?? imul esi,[edx],byte +0x??
6B33?? imul esi,[ebx],byte +0x??
6B34???? imul esi,[eax+edx*4],byte +0x??
6B35?????????? imul esi,[dword 0x????????],byte +0x??
6B36?? imul esi,[esi],byte +0x??
6B37?? imul esi,[edi],byte +0x??
6B38?? imul edi,[eax],byte +0x??
6B39?? imul edi,[ecx],byte +0x??
6B41???? imul eax,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B42???? imul eax,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B43???? imul eax,[ebx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B44?????? imul eax,[eax+edx*4+0x??],byte +0x??
6B45???? imul eax,[ebp+0x??],byte +0x??
6B46???? imul eax,[esi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B47???? imul eax,[edi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B48???? imul ecx,[eax+0x??],byte +0x??
6B49???? imul ecx,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B4A???? imul ecx,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B4B???? imul ecx,[ebx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B4C?????? imul ecx,[eax+edx*4+0x??],byte +0x??
6B4D???? imul ecx,[ebp+0x??],byte +0x??
6B4E???? imul ecx,[esi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B4F???? imul ecx,[edi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B50???? imul edx,[eax+0x??],byte +0x??
6B51???? imul edx,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B52???? imul edx,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B53???? imul edx,[ebx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B54?????? imul edx,[eax+edx*4+0x??],byte +0x??
6B55???? imul edx,[ebp+0x??],byte +0x??
6B56???? imul edx,[esi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B57???? imul edx,[edi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B58???? imul ebx,[eax+0x??],byte +0x??
6B59???? imul ebx,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B5A???? imul ebx,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B61???? imul esp,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B62???? imul esp,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B63???? imul esp,[ebx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B64?????? imul esp,[eax+edx*4+0x??],byte +0x??
6B65???? imul esp,[ebp+0x??],byte +0x??
6B66???? imul esp,[esi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B67???? imul esp,[edi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B68???? imul ebp,[eax+0x??],byte +0x??
6B69???? imul ebp,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B6A???? imul ebp,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B6B???? imul ebp,[ebx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B6C?????? imul ebp,[eax+edx*4+0x??],byte +0x??
6B6D???? imul ebp,[ebp+0x??],byte +0x??
6B6E???? imul ebp,[esi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B6F???? imul ebp,[edi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B70???? imul esi,[eax+0x??],byte +0x??
6B71???? imul esi,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B72???? imul esi,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B73???? imul esi,[ebx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B74?????? imul esi,[eax+edx*4+0x??],byte +0x??
6B75???? imul esi,[ebp+0x??],byte +0x??
6B76???? imul esi,[esi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B77???? imul esi,[edi+0x??],byte +0x??
6B78???? imul edi,[eax+0x??],byte +0x??
6B79???? imul edi,[ecx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B7A???? imul edi,[edx+0x??],byte +0x??
6B???????????? imul edx,[eax+0x????????],byte +0x??