Python script for updating ISO19139 metadata records in GeoNetwork 3 via CSW
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If you don't have Pip, get Pip!

Either clone the repo or download as a zip. Once cloned/downloaded and extracted, execute this command:

pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. Make a copy of
  2. Name it
  3. Fill in CSW_URL, USER, and PASSWORD
  4. (Optional) Set DEBUG to True for more detailed execution information.

Export from GeoNetwork

Export a CSV for the records you want to edit via spreadsheet. We use a custom CSV export for the CIC: GDDP (mainly for link handling), but as long as you have the uuid field, the tool should work with the out of the box CSV export.

Spreadsheet Input Structural Requirements

  • The input file format must be csv. Excel formats (xls or xlsx) are not supported.
  • There must be a column called uuid. The values in it should correspond to the fileIdentifier for the records being updated. For example: bdfc5cd2-732d-4559-a9c7-df38dd683aec.

CSV column formatting

When working with a CSV exported from GeoNetwork, you'll need to either:

  1. PREFERRED Insert a new column, name it according to the table below and add your new values into it. (empty cells will be ignored, so if you want to null out a value, too bad I suppose. Let me know if you really need to do this and I can work in that functionality).
  2. Change column names to the appropriate Column Header listed below (this is not really well tested, but ought to work, I guess)

Updateable Fields

Name Column Header
Title NEW_title
Abstract NEW_abstract
Theme Keywords NEW_keywords_theme
Place Keywords NEW_keywords_place
ISO Topic Categories NEW_topic_categories
Download Link NEW_link_download
Information Link NEW_link_information
Esri Web Service Link NEW_link_service_esri
Web Map Service (WMS) Link NEW_link_service_wms
Metadata Link NEW_link_metadata
Distribution Format NEW_distribution_format
Date Published NEW_date_publication
Date Revised NEW_date_revision
Temporal Extent Start NEW_temporal_start
Temporal Extent End NEW_temporal_end
Bounding Box: north NEW_north_extent
Bounding Box: south NEW_south_extent
Bounding Box: east NEW_east_extent
Bounding Box: west NEW_west_extent
Reference System Code NEW_ref_system
Collection NEW_collective_title
Geometry Type NEW_other_citation
Metadata Maintenance Note NEW_maintenance_note
Credit NEW_credit
DatasetURI NEW_dataset_uri
Identifier NEW_identifier
Provenance NEW_provenance

#Change Log
September 12, 2017
Added the following elements:
Removed Dublin Core schema option

March 20, 2017
Added the following element:
*Metadata Link*
Development will continue on will be kept as reference version of original script.

Dec 30, 2016

Added the following elements: *Bounding Box extents *Reference System *CollectiveTitle *Geometry Type (as text string within otherCitation) *Metadata Maintenance Note *Originator *Publisher *Distributor

Changed format of Temporal Extent to 4 digit year

Changed input format of Topic Categories spellings