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Finished setting up the mess hall? Take $body and make some $title
When defining a meal plan with $title you'll need $body
Good nutrition wins wars take $body and make $title
All your cuts no matter how slight have bee treated? Good, gather $body and make $title
Soldiers tired of field rations? $body will make $title
Finished assembling the range? $body will make $title
Good nutrition wins wars. Take some $body and make $title
As log as $body were stored properly make some $title
High altitude missions require good food. Take $body and make $title
Try $title when you have $body
Don't let soldiers go hungry, they will like $title provided you have $body
It only takes $body to make $title
In WWII $title was a popular dish with soldiers. Ingredients: $body
$title is a nice break from C and K rations. Ingredients: $body
$title was made by army cooks in WWII. Ingredients: $body
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