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Official Repository

{% embed data="{"url":"\",\"type\":\"link\",\"title\":\"BTCPrivate/btcp-widget\",\"description\":\"btcp-widget - JS widget for online shop payments","icon":{"type":"icon","url":"\",\"aspectRatio\":0},\"thumbnail\":{\"type\":\"thumbnail\",\"url\":\"\",\"width\":400,\"height\":400,\"aspectRatio\":1}}" %}

Install form the WordPress plugin store

Install & activate the plugin

Firstly login to your target WordPress site and click on Plugins

Next, click on Add New

Now, on the search bar type btcp-pay-woocommerce

And click on Install Now

Wait until you get a message that says Activate and then click on it.

{% hint style="success" %} You have now activated the BTCP Pay for WooCommerce plugin! {% endhint %}

Configure the plugin

{% hint style="danger" %} Create a BTCP Pay button now if you haven't already {% endhint %}

{% page-ref page="../cloud-hosted-guide/" %}

To configure the plugin simply paste from your widget. It should look something like this: = {
    "id"          : "btcp_widget",
    "buttonData"  : "buy_A1_6",
    "merchantid"  : "414",
    "walletid"    : "2",
    "amount"      : 0.001,
    "itemid"      : "0",
    "description" : "Pepperoni Pizza",
    "transactiondetails" :
          "size"    : "12 inch",
          "crust"   : "stuffed",
          "pan"     : "thin base"

{% hint style="info" %} If you want to make BTCP your store-wide currency you can do so by adding the line "currency": "BTCP", to your {% endhint %}

Finally, click on save

{% hint style="success" %} Your plugin should now be working and BTCP Pay activated succesfully! {% endhint %}

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