Bitcoin Private Paper Wallet
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Bitcoin Private Paper Wallet -

JavaScript Client-Side BTCP Paper Wallet Generator.


Uses btcprivatejs based on zenaddress.

Also uses ch4ot1c/bitcoinjs-lib#v3.3.2-z - for hdnode (HD Wallets) (BIP44, BIP39, BIP32)


  • Input entropy (Mouse + Keyboard)
  • Generating Single Private Key + Addresses
  • Generating BIP44 BTCP Wallets (from random BIP39 mnemonic seed words) (from input entropy)
  • Creating multisig wallets (needs further testing)
  • 'Bulk Wallet' generation (Individual addresses; not using HD seeds)
  • Lookup Address by Private Key (should be removed in deployed builds; web education anti-pattern)
  • Official Explorer, Source code backlinks
  • English

To run:

npm install
npm start

To build a static version:


npm run eject
vim config/

Then search for UglifyJsPlugin, and add to it's constructor:

mangle: {
  safari10: true,
  keep_fnames: true

Then run node scripts/build.js. The generated build/ dir will contain the static files to place in your wwwroot.