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@Nesciosquid Nesciosquid released this Apr 30, 2014

This release adds the following features, mostly focused on game polish.

  • Capturable pillboxes and bases
  • Tank death and respawns
  • Destructible environments
  • Engineer pathing (not implemented in demo)
  • Animated and functional bases
  • Tank invisibility in trees
  • Tank mine laying, explosions, invisibility to enemies
  • Improved start game UI, networking functionality
  • Terrain speed modulation
  • Ammo and mine parameters for Tanks
  • General game polish and system finalization
  • Improved multi-user support
  • Start game lobby, with chat support

To run, clone the codebase and run, or download the zip and run the included BUBOLO_v0.3.0.jar executable.


Have fun!

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@Nesciosquid Nesciosquid released this Apr 2, 2014 · 355 commits to master since this release

Sprint 2 brings with it a ton of new features!

All minimum requirements met:

  • Map parser, which loads JSON maps generated by Tiled
  • Several maps, including a clone of the original WinBolo map, "Everard Island," which can be explored in the demo.
  • New textures for (nearly) every object in the game, including custom animations
  • Adaptive texture tiling for water, roads, and more!
  • Persistent local user preferences
  • An updated and expanded Start Game UI, including multiplayer and preferences components
  • Tanks are controllable, and can accelerate, decelerate, turn, fire bullets, and...
  • Collision detection implemented (mostly for Tanks), which allows collisions with Walls and other solid objects. Have fun navigating the maze!
  • Bullets move, make noises when they're created, and have a maximum range.

Stretch goals met:

  • Networked multiplayer! Players can now host and join games by IP address.
  • The Pillboxes have been armed! They will now fire at all tanks in range.
  • Two background music files added to the game, along with a few basic SFX

Running Instructions

  • Download and extract to your favorite directory.
  • Run BUBOLO_v0.2.0.jar from the resulting folder.
    • Hosted games currently hang until a client joins. Support for more flexible game initialization is coming soon!

** To run this demo from the source code, you will want to run the class in /bubolo/test/integration/sprint2.

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@Nesciosquid Nesciosquid released this Mar 5, 2014 · 733 commits to master since this release

  • Working Sprint 1 Integration Test
  • Working graphics system
  • Base Entity classes with a few concrete subclasses
  • Introductory UI screens
  • Four documents - SQAP, SCMP, SPMP, and Sprint 1 Requirements included as PDFs
  • Basic GameApplication class outlined and implemented
  • 129 unit tests across graphics and backend systems.
    • 16 failures, all expected. From un-implemented Damageable interfaces and an unimplemented TreeControllerFactory.
    • 0 errors.
    • 64.1% total code coverage
      • Nearly all lapses in code coverage are cases that cannot be covered in unit tests. All public methods should be covered, with the possible exception of the new UI classes.
  • Stretch Goals
    • Networking code prototyped, and has been outlined here.
    • Terrain Modifier (Road) exists as a concrete Entity, but has no functionality yet.
    • Stationary Element (Tree) exists as a concrete Entity, but has no functionality yet.

Running Instructions

  • Download and extract to your favorite directory.
  • Run BUBOLO.jar from the resulting folder.
    • Note: The Preferences panel is currently deactivated.


Assets 3
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