BUS format specification
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The BUS format specification

The BUS format is a binary format for storing intermediate results for single cell RNA-Seq datasets. This repository details the specification of the format.

The motivation and example usage of the BUS format and BUStools are described in

P Melsted, V Ntranos, L Pachter, The Barcode, UMI, Set format and BUStools, bioRxiv 2018 pp: 472571.


BUS generation

BUS file manipulation

BUS parsing and processing

Format specification

A BUS file is a binary file consisting of a header followed by zero or more BUS records. Each BUS header consists of the following elements in order

Field name Description Type Value
magic fixed magic string char[4] BUS\0
version BUS format version uint32_t
bc_len Barcode length [1-32] uint32_t
umi_len UMI length [1-32] uint32_t
tlen Length of plain text header uint32_t
text Plain text header char[tlen]

BUS records are stored directly after the header in the following format

Field name Description Type
barcode 2-bit encoded barcode uint64_t
umi 2-bit encoded UMI uint64_t
ec equivalence class int32_t
count fragment count uint32_t
flags flags uint32_t