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Nord modular G2 open source editor

This repository contains three generations of editors for the Nord G2 synthesizer that I created over the years.

The software is written in the Delphi object pascal language using the later Delphi compilers, these have the extension XE (XE2, XE3... etc) and still later DX. The later compilers can produce binaries for Windows, Osx, Adroid, iOS and Linux. There is a free version available of the Delphi compiler but that one can only produce binaries for Windows 32 bit, but you should be able to compile the sources with it.

There are 3 generations of the open source G2 editor:

Gen1: this is a Windows only editor. It is a finished product but the code is a bit dated.

Gen1: this can be compiled for Windows and OsX, it is a finished product also. It was meant to be used on a pc as well as a touch screen. It can be compiled for Android or iOS but it doesn't work well on a an Android tablet, so I stopped work on this editor.

Gen3: this is meant to be an Android editor, but can also be compiled for the other operating systems. This project is active, it isn't a finished editor yet. It can be compiled for iOS but there is no solution yet for the USB connection on an iPad.