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Welcome to BYOPuppet!

BYOPuppet is an opensource catalog of 3D printed joints, puppet parts, and resources with a community of artists interested in sharing their process and exploring how 3D printing and CAD can be applied to puppetry.


Artists often wear many hats when creating a show: playwright, performer, sculptor, set designer, director, character designer, costume designer, lighting...etc.

With so many disciplines applied towards an artistic production under typically limited time and budget, the need for a centralized resource to simplify the construction process became clear.


BYOPuppet is a project that aims to

  • Provide artists a library of 3D printable files, assembly instructions, and more that can be applied and modified towards, but not limited to, puppet construction.

  • Offer a place where artists can upload and share modified files created from the original designs created by Laurie Berenhaus. Such modifications may include updates that:

    • allow designs to be printed in a different material or printing process, from the original
    • personalize designs to accomodate specific characters, aesthetics, movement, etc required for a given production or even simply personal experimentation
    • and more

3D Models

  • Models are stored in real world (1x) scale. STL units are millimeters.
  • Each 3D models was originally designed to meet the production process of a given 3D printing technology.
  • 3D models are organized in folders according to their recommended printing method.
    • FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling, also known as FFF or Fused Filament Fabrication)

_image source Gizmag_
The most common 3D printing technology of desktop printers. Plastic filament is extruded through a heated nozzle that then deposits material. Common examples include Makerbot, Ultimkaer, and RepRap.
* **SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)**

_image source Shapeways_
Select Laser Sintering uses a laser to fuse powdered material to create a solid object. Unlike other additive manufacturing such as FDM and SLA (stereolithography), SLS does not require special support structures to fabricate overhanging designs.

Project Tutorials

All Project Tutorials are listed under BYOPuppet's Wiki page.

  • Projects may reference files (ex. balljoint_1half_PVCfit.stl ), however downloadable files will remain in their respective folder.


Get involved by sharing your onw 3d models and project tutorials. We are currently looking for

  1. expansion of FDM 3D models
  2. update existing files to improve puppet performance


BYOPuppet is listed under the MIT License allowing distribution, modification, commercial and private use of uploaded files.


3d files for printing puppet parts!







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