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Icon BYR-Navi

A Light-Weight and Configurable Navigation Website Framework (for BYR)

📐 Design Philosophy

This project is a Jekyll-powered website, which is built based on Fomantic UI web framework, and deployed previously using GitHub Pages (while currently running on a Linode VPS).

The whole project is designed and built with high flexibility of configuration and customization. You can either configure it by modifying the _config.yml file or customize it by replacing the content of the *.yml files in the _data folder with your own data.

📖 A Tiny Tutorial

There is no easy way for beginners without essential background knowledge. To be efficient, the best way to understand this project is to start with the Jekyll’s docs and Fomantic UI’s docs.

Before you start, you should have some basic understanding of the following:

  • Icon HTML
  • Icon CSS
  • Icon JavaScript
  • Icon jQuery
  • YAML format
  • Liquid (Template Engine by Icon Shopify)
  • Icon Ruby
  • Icon UNIX/Linux Shell Script

Quick Start

  1. Install a full Ruby development environment.

  2. Install Jekyll and bundler gems.

gem install jekyll bundler
  1. Clone the project from GitHub.
git clone
  1. Change into the project directory.
cd BYR-Navi
  1. Install required gems in the Gemfile using Bundler.
bundle install
  1. Build the site and make it available on a local server.
bundle exec jekyll serve
  1. Now browse to http://localhost:4000.

🚧 Deployment

GitHub Pages (Recommended)

Sites on GitHub Pages are powered by Jekyll behind the scenes, so if you’re looking for a zero-hassle, zero-cost solution, GitHub Pages are a great way to host your Jekyll-powered website for free.

Manual Deployment

Jekyll generates your static site to the _site directory by default. You can transfer the contents of this directory to almost any hosting provider to get your site live. Here are some manual ways of achieving this.

♥️ Share the Love

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making BYR-Navi awesome. If you love it, you can buy me a coffee. Every cup helps! I promise it will be a good investment.

Donate here.

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©️ License

MIT License


A Light-Weight and Configurable Navigation Website Framework (for BYR)




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