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The Solo WDM driver

This is the WDM part of the seasound solo driver. Posted here for the people who want to recompile it to support 64-bit Windows 7/8. And, I suppose, if anybody wants to enhance the XP driver support and create a pull request, which I will happily integrate, I guess. Although that seems unlikely.

If you are looking for instructions on how to manipulate the magical registers in a Seasound audio card while writing your own driver, look in this source. If not, er, what are you doing here? Go get a beer or something!

ASIO and EASI components are omitted due to copyright restrictions. Some microsoft WDM boilerplate is included. Note that this may only be used in creation of a WDM driver for use with Microsoft. My code may be used to create as many WDM drivers for Windows XP as you want, or in other drivers, or indeed for any other purpose you want, freely with no restrictions. However, since the Microsoft boilerplate code, described in its documentation as something intended to be copied into the project and used thusly, has a specific closed-source license, the entire project can not be officially, openly BSD licensed.

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