Goodness of Fit metrics for use in comparison studies, specifically in the field of hydrology.
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Goodness of fit metrics for use in comparison studies, specifically for use in the field of hydrology

HydroErr provides:

  • A library of over 70 error metrics to measure hydrologic skill
  • Treatment of NaN, Inf, negative, and zero values.
  • Scholarly journal sources and code examples for metric methods in the documentation.


  • Roberts, W., Williams, G., Jackson, E., Nelson, E., Ames, D., 2018. Hydrostats: A Python Package for Characterizing Errors between Observed and Predicted Time Series. Hydrology 5(4) 66, doi:10.3390/hydrology5040066

We would request that if you use this package that you please cite the above paper. The journal paper is open access and can be found at BibTeX, EndNote, and RIS files can be downloaded at the journal site.

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