A visualization of a user's jobs interacting with the GrpCPURunMins limit in SLURM.
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A visualization of a user's jobs interacting with the GrpCPURunMins limit in SLURM.


A live demo of the graph can be found here


The only external JavaScript dependency is d3.js and this is loaded as a resource from cdnjs.cloudflare.com


Probably the simplest way to use the library is to load the index.html page. The files index.html and simulation.css are both examples of the library and are released under the public domain. The essence of the formset, the graph drawing, and the simulation are all fairly decoupled which means that you can use them as an external library and comply with the LGPL.

If you want to simply embed the graph in an existing template, the index.html is designed to be embeddable within your own sites template. To see one possible way to embed the graph, look at the live demo. On this page, the actual graphing library is added as a git submodule and the PHP page loads the graph in an iframe and afterwards fills in the default values. The default values for GrpCPURunMins limit had to be retrieved from the database, so there is a little JavaScript snippet at the bottom of the page that loads this limit into the iframe. The code to access and load this can be loaded into the iframe is as follows

var MyGrpCPURunMins = (LIMIT_FROM_DB);
    $('#graph_page').load(function() {
        // since this gets added after the page loads, we will add it 
        // explicitly for the first form as well


The code is licensed under the LGPL V3 (see LICENSE for more information)

The pages index.html and simulation.css are under the Public Domain and can be used as a reference for creating your own frontend to the library.